Tell us about your experience with Open Access!

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We want to hear from you

We have put together a short survey to learn about people’s experiences with open access. This survey asks a range of questions, and you only need to answer the ones that are relevant to you! Everyone in the scholarly community is welcome to participate, including students, publishers, and scholars.

Some of the questions you will be asked in the survey are:

  • Do you believe the scholarly community could do research more effectively if all scientific communication were freely available under an open access license?
  • Have you ever published an article open access?
  • What is a reasonable APC for an open access research article?
  • Would you prefer if peer reviews were made open? For example, so anyone could read what the reviewer recommended and anyone could know who the reviewer was.
  • Have you ever needed access to a research article and were unable to read it due to pay walls?

Click here to take our Survey and tell us about Your Experience with Open Access.

Please feel free to share this survey with your colleagues and peers. If you’re on Twitter, remember to tag @Science_Open so we can retweet you. Together, we can gather important information about perspectives on open access in the scholarly community.

Keep an eye out for the survey results during Open Access Week!

This survey is anonymous, so feel free to give us your honest opinions on the topic of OA. We look forward to reading the responses, and we will publish the results on our blog during Open Access Week, October 25-29th!

1 thought on “Tell us about your experience with Open Access!”

  1. I find value in the open access papers. I am able to publish a blog with analysis of resent work using laymen’s language and link to an open access paper that my more sophisticated readers can go for more depth.

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