Welcoming the Open Access Journal of Ecological Society

Welcoming the Open Access Journal of Ecological Society

ScienceOpen partners with the Journal of Ecological Society

In an earlier blogpost, we turned the spotlight onto biodiversity and ecology research on the platform. In that post, we told you to keep an eye out for a new Journal Collection coming on that topic. Well today we are excited to officially announce that new collection from the Ecological Society! The Journal of Ecological Society is a Gold Open-Access and peer-reviewed journal, accepting articles on ecological, environmental, and social issues. The Ecological Society has partnered with ScienceOpen for open access hosting services and our publishing workflow interface.

Get to know the Ecological Society

For the last 27 years, the Journal of Ecological Society has endeavored to publish articles on environmental and social issues, interpreted from an ecological perspective. The Journal believes that sustainable development can only be achieved by coupling ecological conservation with social issues. The Ecological Society Journal is unique because it has ‘Research’ and ‘Non-Research’ sections, catering to scientists, researchers and civil society.

Picks from the Journal Editor:

Make sure to utilize ScienceOpen’s tools for sharing, recommending, and post publication open peer review of these new articles! Also, to get updates on new content, hit the “Follow” button on the Journal of Ecological Society Collection Page.  

ScienceOpen’s Open Access Publishing Services

The Journal of Ecological Society has partnered with us for not only our open access hosting with PDF viewer capabilities, but also to utilize our state-of-the-art editorial interface. Authors can submit their manuscripts to the journal directly on ScienceOpen. The editorial interface has a dashboard where editors of the journal can review the manuscript. ScienceOpen has both blinded and open peer review options for publishers. We offer our services in modular packages that can be customized to each new partner we work with. Moreover, we offer the possibility of full-text XML typesetting through our partners at Compuscript, deliver content to third parties such as Google Scholar, and provide long-term archiving through CLOCKSS or Portico.

Contextualizing Research

We are thrilled to be able to support the work of the Ecological Society by providing extensive services for their journal. By being hosted on the platform, the Journal will benefit from the contextual environment of ScienceOpen and increase the dissemination of the important work the Society is performing in Pune, India and beyond. This is a great addition to our growing database of over 73 million scholarly records.

If you are in need of a scholarly publishing partner to help you with your technical or promotional needs, please get in touch with someone from our team today!

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