Around the world with ScienceOpen

Around the world with ScienceOpen

Welcome to Science Open’s Worldwide Tour

ScienceOpen’s discovery network of over 75 million publications provides a diverse offering for publishers, editors, and researchers that crosses continental boundaries. Today, we would like to celebrate the diversity and the international scope of our collections, which include research and scientific discoveries from all over the world.

First destination: Africa

Let us begin our global tour with our African collections and research. Our collaboration with universities, publishers, and researchers in various African countries has grown significantly in recent years.

The Pan African Medical Journal Collection, which aims to improve the health outcomes of people living in Africa, is an excellent example of this collaboration. The PAMJ content that is currently being indexed on ScienceOpen is increasing the availability of African research for a better understanding of Africa’s specificities.

Other collections that are helping to make African researchers’ discoveries more visible and accessible to the world are the Indigenous Knowledge Collection and the AfricArXiv super collection, which is also featuring the latest research on the field of Covid-19 Research in and about Africa.

More collections featuring research and publications from Africa: 

Let’s head north towards Europe

Our collections featuring research from and about Europe include dozens of University Presses, world-renown publishers like Emerald Publishing and Portland Press, and scientific journals from leading research institutions.

Among others, Karger Publishers is for example one of the leading biomedical publishers, with over 146.000 research publications currently indexed on ScienceOpen.

Bristol University Press has an entire collection dedicated to the Covid-19 pandemic and its social impacts, including research into the role of COVID-19 in shifting the boundaries of political power, growing levels of poverty, increased social isolation, and the demands placed on the third sector. Our list of prominent European University Presses includes also the UCL Press, Huddersfield Books, the Open Library of Humanities, Brepols,  University of Buckingham Press and the Liverpool University Press.

Other publishers who benefit from our interactive search and discovery platform include University of Maribor Press and Amsterdam University Press, both of which have recently joined our Metadata Hub. Science Open is assisting them in the development of rich, machine-readable metadata, as well as in the assignment and deposit of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to Crossref.

You can discover more about our Metadata Services in our blog article about OA Book Metadata Project.

More collections and research coming from Europe:

Next stop: North America

Our trip to North America starts with one of the most recent publishers that joined ScienceOpen, the American Psychological Association (APA) and their open access journal ‘Technology, Mind and Behavior’, which features the latest research in the field of psychology, with a focus on human–technology interaction.

Photo by Anthony from Pexels.

Michigan Publishing is another major book publisher and distributor that has collaborated with ScienceOpen to highlight the Press’s titles as part of a featured Collection within the discovery environment and to receive expert technical services such as metadata enhancement.

AIAA Space Collection presents a one-of-a-kind collection of research articles related to topics involving space transportation, discovery, and logistics.

AWWA Water Science explores water science through an interdisciplinary approach, and it includes theoretical, experimental, and practical research that advance fundamental understanding and application of all aspects of water works.

More featured collections from North America:

‘’We believe that cross-cultural collaborations are especially important for increasing inclusivity in the scientific community. As a result, we are constantly reaching out to publishers and organizations outside of the Western research community of Europe and North America to broaden the scope of content on ScienceOpen, both in terms of topics and perspectives.’’


Central and South America

The Electronic Journal of Digital Skills for Family Farming features unique content from knowledge areas linked to Information and Communication Technology and its potentialities to Agriculture in Brazil, South America and beyond.

International Journal of Cuban Studies is one of the many Pluto journals hosted by ScienceOpen, which provides a platform for publications on Cuba and Cuba-related topics.

Revista Latina de Comunicación Social  is a must-read publication for all communication specialists, not only in academia but also among the public, including journalists, public relations practitioners, and advertising professionals. It publishes original research papers, reviews, and book reviews on Social Communication, bringing its readers the most recent, broadest, and important findings in the field.

Revista Izquierdas and the Decolonial Horizons, are two other journals that enrich our collections coming from South America.

ScienceOpen along the Silk Road

From policy and socioeconomic journals to university presses and publishers specializing in ecology, environmental studies, and general health, our collection of Asia-based journals is ever-expanding.

We’d like to highlight just a few of our most innovative collections below:

Australia and Oceania

We are finishing our world tour with the last stop in Australia and Oceania.

Student Success is an Australian journal, serving as a platform for young researchers and students, where they can disseminate current research and innovative good practices from their university learning experiences. 

Researchers on ScienceOpen can also access the latest academic publications from Hawaii and New Zealand through the University of Hawai’i Press’ Language Documentation and Conservation journal and New Zealand’s Journal of Applied Computing and Information Technology.

Other Journals from Australia and Oceania:

The journey continues with ScienceOpen!

ScienceOpen offers a variety of packages and customizable services, and we are constantly evolving to meet future needs.

ScienceOpen can provide technical infrastructure for journal and book manuscript submission, peer review management, open access hosting, article versioning, distribution, analytics, and metadata management. The ScienceOpen platform has its own powerful citation index and is uniquely integrated with ORCID, Crossref, and Altmetric to instantly connect your publications to the global scholarly communication infrastructure.

Our network goes beyond borders, and if you would like to join ScienceOpen, feel free to contact our Global Development Director Stuart, or our Global Development Manager Carlos, today!

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