The APA Open Access Journal – Technology, Mind, and Behavior – has joined the platform!

The APA Open Access Journal – Technology, Mind, and Behavior – has joined the platform!

A new partnership

We are very excited to introduce the American Psychological Association’s new open-access journal, Technology, Mind, and Behavior (TMB), which has just joined the ScienceOpen platform in a featured Collection – Technology, Mind, and Behavior Collection!  

Technology, Mind, and Behavior (TMB) is an open access, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal published by the American Psychological Association and launched in 2020. TMB publishes original work in the area of human-technology interaction with a focus on human behavior at the individual or group level.

We have worked with the APA to index TMB into ScienceOpen’s interactive discovery environment of over 75 million records. By being indexed on ScienceOpen, TMB will benefit from exposure to ScienceOpen’s global user base and promotional services through our social media channels. Additionally, ScienceOpen’s features will enable authors of TMB to easily track article-level metrics such as views, shares, and Altmetric score.

About TMB

Committed to open science and transparency, Technology, Mind, and Behavior is part of APA Open: a new, interactive open-access platform. The Journal covers these areas:

  • Basic research: How humans understand and use technology, impacts of technology on human experience and behavior, human–technology interactions as mutually adaptive systems, roles of technology in advancing other areas of scientific research, and related topics.
  • Applications: Development, use, and impact of technologies in domains such as aging, education, mental and physical health, recreation, and the workplace.
  • Broader implications: Evidence-based analyses of ethical, legal, social, and policy questions concerning the opportunities and challenges arising from human–technology interactions.

Dive into the Journal by browsing some of the Top Picks from the Editor:

We are proud to be able to support APA’s mission of providing interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed research in the field of psychology by helping disseminate Technology, Mind, and Behavior to a wider audience. Through this partnership, we hope to help APA expand their open access portfolio and look forward to working with them in the future.

We are excited to present TMB on Science Open and look forward to reaching more readers, as well as new authors, through its easy-to-use platform,”

Annie Hill, Editorial Director for APA Journals.

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