Sneak peek: ScienceOpen’s users from around the globe

Sneak peek: ScienceOpen’s users from around the globe

Our developers have been busy again at ScienceOpen. We are excited to announce the new geolocation-based usage data for our hosting customers that we have been working on. Our customers come from all over the world – but so do our users!

More insights into our journals’ readership

Via IP address we can now drill down into the usage data on the platform and track the country and institute of users of our hosted journals. IP addresses are not stored in our database and are only used once to look up the country and institute of origin before being deleted. This data will provide editors and publishers with new insights into their journals’ readership. The first reports for January 2022 data will be delivered in early February, but we are happy to give you a sneak peek into this data now.

Starting our world tour close to home

Published by UCL Press, the London Review of Education is a premier journal in its field with nearly 700 hosted records and 203,926 views on the ScienceOpen platform. The most viewed article is from 2014 Profession or passion?: Teaching Chinese in London Chinese complementary schools

Only in the fourth quarter of 2021, 35,054 users from 147 different countries visited their collection on ScienceOpen, with most of them coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. In each of these countries, there are around 1,500 universities and research institutions that all these users represent and are a part of. During this time, more than 3,570 university representatives, students, and scholars have accessed the LRE collection.

Other articles from their most-read list of publications:

Impressive readership for eWiC

Posters and conference proceedings published on ScienceOpen are a low-cost option that places your conference output in the context of over 70 million article records, with smart search and filtering tools, and interactive features for the research community.

The Electronic Workshops in Computing (eWiC) collection, published by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, provides free access to the proceedings of workshops and conferences on the widest range of computing topics possible. Each proceedings volume is based on a specialist workshop and is intended to provide information that represents a snapshot of current knowledge, debate, or research.

Their collection on ScienceOpen includes 3,521 publications and has nearly 1.3 million views. In the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first week of January 2022, it attracted 105.507 readers from more than 170 different countries and territories around the world.

Most of its readers come from the United States (37,333 readers), followed by France (13,783 readers), Germany (5,535 readers), Sweden (4,213 readers), and Ireland (4,193 readers) and they represent 527 different Universities and research institutions from these countries.

Below a list of the most-read articles from the collection:

If you want to host your conference proceedings and promote your conference on ScienceOpen, have a look at our blog post on our offer for conference organizers.

Promote your conference at ScienceOpen

UCL Open: Environment

UCL Open: Environment publishes on their collection several special or thematic series throughout the year. Global evolution and paleogeographic distribution of mid-Cretaceous orbitolinids is currently their most viewed article on ScienceOpen with 4,416 views, and the entire collection has gathered 38,836 views since it was launched on our platform.

Their geolocation usage data reveals a global audience of 111 countries and 3,574 research institutions, universities, and foundations. Most of their users in the fourth quarter of 2021 came from the United States and the United Kingdom, with scholars and representatives from 276 different educational institutions accessing their collection in the United Kingdom only.

What are cascading disasters? with 3,994 views and Research priorities for maintaining biodiversity’s contributions to people in Latin America with 3,236 views are also on their list of most viewed articles on ScienceOpen.

World Review of Political Economy: Fast growth on readership for Pluto Journals

HOME - World Review of Political Economy

The World Review of Political Economy is just one of many social sciences collections published on ScienceOpen by Pluto Journals. These journals have only been on our platform for a month, but they already have users from more than 90 different countries around the world.

The World Review of Political Economy, a quarterly, peer-reviewed title, has an already established readership on ScienceOpen, with readers coming from 86 countries, and representing 3,574 different universities, research institutions, and foundations. Their collection has received 7,284 views until now, and the majority of their readers are based in the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Ireland, China, and Finland.

The collection's logo

The Irish Journal of Agriculture and Food Research

The Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by the Agriculture and Food Development Authority in Ireland, but surprisingly, its research is slightly more popular among our US users, with Irish users currently ranking second, at least for this reporting period. The United Kingdom, France, and India are also locations where most of their recent readers are based, and their collection has received 16,651 views on ScienceOpen since it was published.

Diverse audience for Zoonoses 

Zoonoses has joined ScienceOpen less than a year ago and has already received 34,734 views on our platform. Nearly half of these views, 16,635 to be exact, were generated during the final quarter of the last year and the first week of January.

In recent months, their readers base has been quite diverse, with most of them coming from India, followed by the United States, Bangladesh, Canada, and Germany. Their publications were accessed recently by readers representing 1,606 universities and other educational institutions in the above-mentioned countries.

Publish on ScienceOpen

In the next few days, we will share all these interesting results with all our hosted journals, adding another innovative service to our package that will help our publishers to better understand their audiences and the impact that their research has all over the world.

Our services for publishers aim to highlight their academic content and promote journal and publisher brands with unique Collections, banner marketing, and search short-cuts.

We provide space and services to publishers to promote their content, from enriched metadata and promotional packages to open access hosting solutions and custom-tailored publishing environments.

Are you interested in joining our journal hosting platform? Contact Stephanie Dawson today, to learn more about ScienceOpen’s publishing solutions and its unique and interactive discovery environment. 

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