Welcoming the Journal of Modern Nanotechnology on ScienceOpen

Welcoming the Journal of Modern Nanotechnology on ScienceOpen

The Journal of Modern Nanotechnology has chosen ScienceOpen as a hosting platform for its innovative multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal. Each new article is embedded in our rich discovery environment with state-of-the-art metadata management for maximum discoverability and visibility. With our wide range of tools for author engagement and outreach, the journal is well-equipped to promote the scientific advancements of academics and technicians in the field of nanotechnology.

A platform for academic exchange in nanoscience and nanoengineering

The Journal of Modern Nanotechnology, published by the Innovation Forever Publishing Group, is an open access quarterly journal that aims to provide an online academic exchange platform for researchers and readers working in nanoscience or nanoengineering.

The journal’s editorial board consists of researchers, professors, technicians, and representatives from world-renowned nanotechnology research institutions.

JMN’s publications are aimed at advancing the development of nanotechnology by featuring research in different fields of study like quantum phenomena and technology, material science, biology and medicine, electronics and photonics, energy at the nanoscale, patterning, nanofabrication, etc.

JMN’s full-text content is now integrated into our ever-growing database, which currently contains more than 76 million records. For example, search for “Nanotechnology” on the platform. ScienceOpen will deposit DOIs and rich metadata at Crossref, provide author integration with ORCID, long-term archiving with CLOCKSS and Google metatags for Google Scholar.

SEM images of cotton fabric in warp direction at different magnifications. A: Weaving nature; B: Fibers drifting; C: Fibers damage; D: Cotton Fibers creation; E: Fibers distortion; F: Fibers porosity. / Role of Experimental Damage Mechanics for the Circular Economy Implementation in Cotton Industries

We are excited to be working with ScienceOpen. We will be able to accelerate the internationalization of the Journal of Modern Nanotechnology thanks to this collaboration, and more global researchers will benefit as a result. Let’s work together to make our individual contributions to global scientific research, academic exchanges, and development in the field of Nanotechnology.

Mr. Peng Fei, founder of Innovation Forever Publishing Group

JMN’s readership and authorship include nanotechnology physicists, researchers, and practitioners who are dedicated to advancing nanotechnology development through innovative and insightful works.

Make sure to follow their collection here and explore some of the Editor’s picks from the Journal of Modern Nanotechnology.

Editors picks

  1. Recent Advances in Development of Gold Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Systems
  2. Role of Experimental Damage Mechanics for the Circular Economy Implementation in Cotton Industries
  3. A Review of Elemental Mass Origin and Fundamental Forces Unification for Nuclear and Aerospace Industries
  4. Stability Analysis of CNT Based Nano-Actuator Under Magnetic Field and Rippling Deformation
  5. Synthesis, Structure and Hirshfeld Surface Analysis of A New Decavanadate Compound: Na2 [H4V10O28]·14H2O

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Image: Cotton polymer strip tensile testing and SEM fracture characterization. Credits: Journal of Modern Nanotechnology

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