Medical Physics Publishing adding valuable medical content on ScienceOpen

Medical Physics Publishing adding valuable medical content on ScienceOpen

In a previous blog post, we presented the extensive collection of books available on ScienceOpen as well as some of the advantages that publishers can gain from our discovery network.

We are pleased to announce that our book content has grown even further, with the addition of a new collection from Medical Physics Publishing (MPP), a nonprofit that publishes books written by and for physicists, medical residents, radiologists, and technologists.

Dr. John Cameron, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a visionary in the field of medical physics, founded MPP in 1985 with the goal of providing affordable books in medical physics and related fields.

Today, Medical Physics Publishing allows researchers to publish texts, reference materials, and study guides that keep the medical physics community informed. MPP has a large backlist of books, reports, and theses in medical physics and closely related fields.

MPP collaborates with other nonprofits in the field of medical physics to help them further their missions. In 1999, MPP became The American Association of Physicists in Medicine’s official distributor and publisher of books and reports, and it also features research and publications for the Health Physics Society and the Radiological and Medical Physics Society of New York (RAMPS).

Make sure to follow their collection here and explore some of the titles picked by the editors:

To learn more about Medical Physics Publishing, the challenges of online book publishing, and MPP’s experience on ScienceOpen thus far, we had an interview with MPP’s General Manager Bobbett Shaub:

Hello Bobbett and thank you for joining. We are very happy to see our book collections on ScienceOpen grow bigger with Medical Physics Publishing. Could you tell us a bit more about your press and the titles featured in your collection?

Medical Physics Publishing was founded in 1985 as a small publishing house with the goal of providing books in fields related to medical physics that were difficult to obtain at the time. Although the subject matter is no longer as difficult to access, we still take pride in providing our authors with an easy and pleasant experience in bringing their books to publication, and we want to ensure that the books meet the authors’ and also our readerships’ needs.

We dedicate a significant amount of time on catering to the regards of our authors, which I believe distinguishes us from other large publishers.

What do you see as some of the biggest challenges for small academic presses in 2022?

The pandemic has created new challenges, particularly in keeping our authors and readers engaged with the publishing landscape. Many cultural projects had to be pushed aside by many small presses, and in our case, because the majority of our readership and authors work in the medical field or teach, jobs that have kept them extremely busy, we have noticed that their motivation to read and write has dwindled a bit.

Another issue that I believe all small presses face is discoverability. Due to all the different tasks that you have to take care of as a small press, getting the books out there and getting noticed by potential authors can be a little difficult.

What features or services on ScienceOpen convinced you as a publisher to join our platform?

The most appealing aspect for me was your offer to improve discoverability. ScienceOpen will assist us Medical Physics Publishing in spreading the word about our books to a larger audience, particularly our international audience. There is a fantastic opportunity now for our books to become more widely available.

Furthermore, our collection on ScienceOpen will also help us to attract more authors. I plan to use this collection to show to all the potential authors the services they can profit from and the discoverability that comes with them.

Crossref DOIs are critical for tracking citations, preventing information loss, and preserving the integrity of the scientific record. ScienceOpen supports publishers by submitting DOIs and metadata to Crossref, from the initial submission to the updating of records for future content. Was it easy to update the Crossref available metadata by using the ScienceOpen interface?

Working with metadata can be tedious at times, but up until now, adding and editing data on your interface has been simple and intuitive for me. I also received a lot of help from the ScienceOpen team, so it was a relatively easy process.

We are continuously improving our network by introducing new features, while maintaining our user-friendliness. How has your experience been so far as a publisher on ScienceOpen?

So far, my experience has been very positive. Using the platform and collaborating with the ScienceOpen team has been very easy. I am curious also about the feedback of our users and looking forward to sharing the news of our collaboration with them in the next few days.

The Medical Physics Publishing collection includes currently more than 20 book and book chapter titles. Do you plan to expand your collection further in the future?

Yes, we intend to grow our collection. We still have many books on our backlist that are still cited and used, and I would like to add those to the collection. As new books become available, I am looking forward to including them on ScienceOpen as well.  

What upcoming titles are you really excited about this year?

I’m looking forward to a new book that will be released this summer by Medical Physics Publishing, the third edition of ‘The Physics of Radiotherapy X-rays and Electrons’  We also published the two previous editions, which were written by the primary authors, Peter Metcalfe, Tomas Kron, and Peter Hoban, and this edition is very interesting because it includes as authors Dean Cutajar, and Nicholas Hardcastle, who will bring new and updated inputs in the field.

Thank you very much Bobbett and we hope to see your collection growing on ScienceOpen!

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