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Webinar Alert: Increase your Journal’s discoverability with better metadata

Webinar Alert: Increase your Journal’s discoverability with better metadata

Are you the editor or publisher of an academic journal or book, or are you considering starting one? Do you want to learn more about how to improve the discoverability of your journal on ScienceOpen with better metadata?

If so, come and join our CEO Stephanie Dawson on Thursday, March 24th, at 4 p.m. (CET), for a discussion of best practices in scholarly publishing metadata as well as strategies to improve machine readability and discoverability.

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Rich metadata is an important factor in discoverability. Abstracts, for example, contain words and concepts that can be used to power machine-learning recommendation engines on a variety of platforms. However, the requirements of modern digital publishing can be quite confusing for many publishers – trying to keep track of XML DTDs, PIDs, DOIs, metatags, and so on is not very intuitive. Thus, ScienceOpen has been providing expert advice to publishers on their metadata for years in order to improve the discoverability of their publications.

Stephanie will share her extensive knowledge on the topic of metadata in academic publishing during our upcoming webinar, demonstrating the importance of having machine-readable metadata for a publication’s discoverability.

She will discuss metadata in the context of scholarly articles, books, book chapters, and other publications. She will also be available to answer any questions participants may have about this complex technical topic.

Join us for this lively session and spread the word to your colleagues and fellow publishers!

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