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Explore law content on ScienceOpen

Explore law content on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen’s network of over 77 million publications is constantly expanding with new research titles, books, and journals covering various fields of study and bringing the most recent scientific advancements and innovative discoveries in their fields of interest.

We have previously written on our blog about our content covering fields such as humanities, biology, agriculture, and rare disease research, and today we would like to promote some of the law-related content that has been featured in various topical collections from prestigious university presses, research institutions, and publishing houses.

Our ever-expanding legal content covers a wide range of geographical areas, jurisprudential theories, and legal systems from around the world.

Common Law studies by University of Buckingham Press

The Denning Law Journal, published by the University of Buckingham Press, is one of the most prestigious open-access journals in law, featuring research in international law, legal studies, and legal history.

Lord Alfred Thompson Denning was a Populist English judge who was known as a fighter for the underdog and a defender of the little man’s rights against big business.

The Journal publishes original articles that seek to promote the values cherished by Lord Denning, such as individual liberty, independence from state intervention, human rights preservation, preserving the traditions of judicial independence, integrity, and creativity, global libertarianism, and so on.

DLJ provides a forum for the most comprehensive discussion of issues arising in the common law world and the Commonwealth, as well as broader global and international issues of current concern.

Follow and explore the Denning Law Journal collection here to gain access to research titles such as:

A law review of the European Union by UCL Press

On our discovery network, it appears that law research and open access go hand in hand. Europe and the World: A law review is another open access, fully peer-reviewed journal that aims to contribute to legal scholarship on Europe’s place in the world.

This journal primarily publishes legal doctrinal and theoretical analyses, but it also publishes multi-disciplinary work as well as contributions from political science and international relations with an external perspective on the law of the EU’s external relations.

‘Europe and the World: A Law Review’ provides a forum for national, international, and EU perspectives to meet and engage. As a result, the journal does not follow the traditional distinctions between EU, international, and national law.

Aside from the main collection, ‘Europe and the World: A Law Review’ has a number of featured topical collections dedicated to special editions of the journal. This is just one of the many ways ScienceOpen can customize their publishing solutions for its publishers, helping to increase visibility on our network while also facilitating information dissemination in the online publishing landscape.

Simply search for the term ‘Europe and the World’ under the collections on our search engine, and different collections will appear, covering topics such as: Extraterritoriality of EU Law and Human Rights after Lisbon; Considering EU External Relations After Brexit; Reflections on Opinion 1/17 (CETA), and so on.

The research titles featured in the main collection, covers topics like:

Journals and Books in Law by University of Maribor

The University of Maribor Press publishes books, magazines, textbooks, and conference proceedings on a variety of topics, including many publications on law and legal studies research.

The University of Maribor Press super collection on ScienceOpen consists of two journals dedicated to law, as well as a book collection with some titles dedicated to legal studies and jurisprudence, both in English and in Slovenian. UMP is also an open access publisher, and it fosters an environment in which academics can experiment with new forms of scientific communication, such as open access publishing.

Lexonomica – Journal of Law and Economics and Medicine, Law and Society are two UMP journals, each with a collection that can be found easily on ScienceOpen. As a registered user, you can not only read the articles or download them in PDF format, but you can also export citations for them in various formats, search for other versions of the publication, save and bookmark the articles, and, if you want to contribute further to the research topic, you can also review specific articles or invite other ScienceOpen users to review them.

At ScienceOpen, all reviews are moderated by ORCID to ensure a level of quality control that goes beyond status or any sort of academic hierarchy, and they are published with a Creative Commons Attribution License CC-BY (4.0) license and a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from CrossRef, just like any other formal research publication.

This means that reviews are reusable, citable, and permanent records of your reviewing activities, assisting in the development of your researcher profile.

Discover the collections of Lexonomica and Medicine, Law and Society with some featured recent titles published on our network.

Lexonomica – Journal of Law and Economics

Medicine, Law and Society

Law collections by Pluto Journals

The super collection of Pluto Journals offers different law perspectives and research, featured in journal-dedicated topical collections, like the ones of the Institute of Employment Rights Journal and Socialist Lawyer.

In these collections, you can find titles like:

Law Research from Universiti Utara Malaysia

Universiti Utara Malaysia Press Content Joins ScienceOpen - ScienceOpen Blog

Our platform, however, does not represent perspectives coming from Western legal systems only. The UUM Journal of Legal Studies provides a unique and interesting research perspective, with impactful legal articles covering both the Malaysian and the international legal system.

Law and Semiotics, Law and Psychology, Legal Theory, Jurisprudence, Law and Rhetoric, Ethics and Philosophy of Law are just a few of the scholarly fields of research covered by UUM Journal of Legal Studies publications.

The Journal’s goal is to publish influential legal articles, thereby increasing the visibility of research output. 

UUU Journal of Legal Studies Highlighted Titles:

And there is much more to discover

With a simple search, you can get access to more than 348.000 research titles in law, among which articles, books, reports, book chapters, conference proceedings, and pre-prints.

On our network, you can find titles organized into topical collections, and if you’re interested, you can also take charge of creating your own researcher collection.

ScienceOpen Collections offer a community space for the curation, distribution, and evaluation of scholarly information, and they are an excellent way to promote one’s own research and place it in the context of other publications.

To apply for collection editor status, please get in touch with our team. And if you’d like to learn more about our publishing solutions, please contact Stuart Cooper, our Global Business Development Director.

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