New Books in humanities and social sciences by Peter Lang

New Books in humanities and social sciences by Peter Lang

Books, books, and more books!

ScienceOpen is very pleased to see a rapid and consistent increase in its book-related content, particularly in recent months as new publishers with important and exciting titles have joined our network.

ScienceOpen’s discovery network and advanced search functionalities make it very easy to navigate through the list of records and find the publications that are most relevant to your field of study, with 4.3 million book records and nearly 1.9 million chapters ready to be explored.

And we are also happy to announce that our book collection will grow bigger in the fields of humanities and social sciences, with the latest additions from Peter Lang Books.

Welcoming Peter Lang Books

The Peter Lang Group has been publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences for over 50 years. Every year, Peter Lang Books publishes approximately 1,400 titles in multiple languages, with over 40,000 print and ebook copies available. Arts, Cultural Studies, Economics & Law, Education, Media & Communication, History & Politics, Languages and Literatures, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Slavic Studies are among the core subjects.

We are dedicated to offering superior publishing services to Higher Education institutions and academics. From research monographs and journals to student textbooks and Open Access publications, Peter Lang Group is committed to the worldwide dissemination of academic research.

Peter Lang Group

ScienceOpen worked closely with Peter Lang Group to present a glimpse into the publisher’s editorial program and rich content in a featured collection, with titles available in both English and Spanish. These new book titles will be adding valuable insights not only to our book network but also to our multilingual content, thus making research more accessible for the diverse audiences that use ScienceOpen in their line of academic engagement.

We are thrilled to be partners with ScienceOpen as their platform is in line with our goal to champion, publish and disseminate valuable academic researchers to an increasingly digital world.  Our books and chapters discoverable on ScienceOpen enhances the work we currently engage in with other organizations to promote scholarly content and foster learning. 

Patricia Mulrane Clayton, Global Sales & Marketing Director of the Peter Lang Group

Let’s explore the new titles

From research monographs and journals to student textbooks and Open Access publications, the Peter Lang Group is dedicated to the global dissemination of academic research.

The Peter Lang Collection on ScienceOpen currently includes 57 book and book chapter titles, covering fields of education, history, linguistics, and literature.

Highlighted titles:

Make sure to follow the collection for the new upcoming titles that will be added soon and make the most out of our interactive interface by recommending titles, adding them to your collections for easier access, and spreading the word on social media with other fellow researchers.

Let’s catch up at London Book Fair

The London Book Fair is starting tomorrow and ScienceOpen is excited to be a part of this year’s event and to share its own innovative publishing solutions package with a large community of publishers, authors, and presses.

Our CEO Stephanie Dawson and our Global Business Development Director Stuart Cooper will be attending the Fair from the 5th to the 7th of April. If you want to catch up with the ScienceOpen team or are interested in hearing more about our publishing solutions, feel free to contact Stephanie or Stuart anytime.

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