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AsiaChem Magazine has joined ScienceOpen

AsiaChem Magazine has joined ScienceOpen

The Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) is a federation of 32 chemical societies of countries and territories in the Asia Pacific, aiming to promote the advancement and appreciation of chemistry and the interests of professional chemists in the region.

As of today, all activities and updates from the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies, as well as cutting-edge science articles, publications on the history of chemistry, interviews, and essays, will be available on ScienceOpen, as AsiaChem, the official magazine of FACS, has joined our network.

The AsiaChem magazine echoes the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies’ voice (FACS).

Exploring AsiaChem

This biannual, free-access magazine contains a wide range of articles on cutting-edge science, recent discoveries in the fields, interviews, and anything else that might be of interest to a broad audience in the chemical sciences.

ScienceOpen is constantly trying to include a variety of research perspectives and promote scientific knowledge through an interdisciplinary viewpoint, where researchers and institutions from different countries and regions around the world are able to disseminate and celebrate their discoveries.

FACS’ work focuses on Asian discoveries and texts written by scientists who were born in Asian countries or are currently working in Asia. The eight FACS countries are represented in AsiaChem’s various issues and publications, including Australia, China, India, Israel, Jordan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Discovering AsiaChem’s latest issue

Most global challenges, including global warming, food for everybody, the race for sustainable energy, water quality, dwindling raw materials, and health problems, are chemical problems by nature. Therefore, humankind cannot meet these  challenges  without  the  chemical  sciences  and  will  not  solve  any  of  these  problems  without  global  cooperation.

Prof.Ehud Keinan – Editor-in-Chief of AsiaChem

AsiaChem’s first two issues are now available on ScienceOpen. Below are some of the main articles from the most recent edition, with a focus on Japan, the history of chemistry, and the most recent developments in this field coming from there.

Make sure to follow AsiaChem to stay up to date with the latest events and discoveries from the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies.

Learn more about ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen worked closely with FACS on creating a topical collection dedicated to their magazine, where readers can easily discover different issues of the magazine, share their favorite articles on different social media platforms and join AsiaChem’s platform which aims to facilitate collaboration among chemists across the Asian continent.

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