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Exploring the SDGs on ScienceOpen:  #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Exploring the SDGs on ScienceOpen:  #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our #ExploreSDGs campaign continues, and this time we would like to highlight the research and scientific work available on the topic of economic growth and decent work, which falls under SDG 8.

The SDGs seek to promote economic growth and development while combating climate change and conserving biodiversity in our oceans and forests. Academic and publishing communities are increasingly joining forces to support and promote these ambitious goals.


Join our #ExploreSDGs Twitter hashtag and let’s start discovering the impact of SDG8 research on ScienceOpen and how it is assisting in achieving this goal by 2030.

SDG8 aims to promote sustainedinclusive and sustainable economic growthfull and productive employment and decent work for all.

Achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading, and innovation

One of the primary goals of SDG8 is to increase productivity through diversification, innovation, and technological advancement. On this subject, our network offers plenty of topical collections and titles that feature some of the most recent scientific advancements and research, integrated into various contexts and case studies from around the world.

Covering the topic of productivity and fairer economic output, the World Review of Political Economy (WRPE), a peer-reviewed Pluto journal, provides groundbreaking research and analyses of the economy, from a Marxist perspective. In this collection, you can access titles like:

Prometheus. Critical Studies in Innovation is another journal by Pluto, focused mostly on innovation and a multidisciplinary approach to topics like production and diffusion of change.

On the Pluto Journals super collection you can access more research titles in this context:

Our interactive discovery environment offers not only research titles and papers, but many books, conference proceedings, and book chapter records in the field of economics. We have highlighted below a few titles that address the goals of innovation, technological advancement, and diversification.

Promote policies that support decent job creation, and improve resource efficiency in consumption and production

On these targets, an emphasis is put on the promotion of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation, as a means of achieving fairer job markets in the future and sustainable and efficient use of resources. These target tackles as well the issues of environmental degradation, access to financial services, fair use of resources, etc.

A simple research result demonstrates the diversity of perspectives on ScienceOpen. Many articles appear when searching for decent job creation or a fair work environment, covering topics such as pandemic recovery and addressing unemployment. Our platform has a lot to offer, from psychology articles to books on consumption patterns and the creation of a more sustainable and efficient economy.

Highlighted Articles

Highlighted Books

Reducing unemployment and ensuring full and productive employment and decent work for all

By 2030, SDG8 aims to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities; equal pay for equal work; significantly reduce the proportion of youth unemployed; protect labor rights, and promote safe and secure working environments for all workers.

Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation by Pluto Journals is a collection dedicated to the organization of work and tackling existing unemployment in the global labor market.  

Liverpool University Press Labour History meanwhile, covers the employment relationship and economic, social and political factors surrounding it – such as labour markets, union and employer policies and organisation, the law, and gender and ethnicity.

Promote sustainable tourism, local culture, and products

Our collections on biodiversity and sustainable resource management include articles that address the need for tourism to be more sustainable by utilizing case studies from various countries. We present some titles from Pensoft Biodiversity, Emerald: Responsible Management, and University of Maribor Press, showcasing examples of sustainable tourism and resource conservation from South Africa, Aruba, Slovenia, and France, below.

More collections on SDG8

UCL Press has topical collections dedicated to each of the SDGs, demonstrating the vast and diverse amount of research at UCL that is assisting in the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Check out the most recent titles in UCL’s SDG8 collection:

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Remember to include the keyword SDG8 in any publications that are relevant to the topic, and get in touch with our team if you are a researcher or publisher interested in curating a topical collection around any of the SDGs.

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