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Welcoming Sunway University Press

Welcoming Sunway University Press

ScienceOpen is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Sunway University Press, which will expand the content of our discovery network with more innovative and prestigious research from University Presses.

Turning research findings and exciting ideas into thought-provoking publications for the community.

Sunway University Press
New Publisher: Sunway University Press

More on the Sunway University Press collection

Sunway University is one of Malaysia’s leading private universities, committed to providing high-quality education, fostering entrepreneurship, and conducting research on critical global issues.

Sunway University Press strives to be Asia’s torch of knowledge and at the forefront of groundbreaking research and exciting new ideas, complementing Sunway University’s mission of publishing and disseminating knowledge from ideas and scholarship at the highest levels of excellence.

Their authors and readers include students and experts in research fields related to Sunway University’s scholarship, and this collection will provide an avenue for access to the university’s intellectual property by encouraging an environment of sharing, learning, and building, while also assisting academics by providing a constructive writing and publishing space.

Sunway University Press’ partnership with ScienceOpen is a gateway to accessing the rich and diverse catalogue of the leading authors in Malaysia. I believe this is the start of a mutually fruitful relationship between our two entities, and am excited for further future collaboration.

Carol Wong, Head of Sunway University Press

Let’s discover some of SUP’s titles:

Sunway University Press |

ScienceOpen will help by contextualizing and promoting the research from Sunway University in our discovery network and sharing it further in the online scholarly landscape.

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Highlighted titles:

Our offer for University Presses

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