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Economics, Security, Digital Transformation: 3 new journals by Emirates Scholar join ScienceOpen

Economics, Security, Digital Transformation: 3 new journals by Emirates Scholar join ScienceOpen

New additions to ScienceOpen’s network

Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of three new journals from Emirates Scholar, a prestigious publisher based in the United Arab Emirates, which will add new perspectives to ScienceOpen’s content by publishing insightful open-access research in the fields of economics, policing and security studies, social studies, business, automation, and digital transformation.

Emirates Scholar will be able to gain access to ScienceOpen’s global user base and promotional services. Furthermore, the features of ScienceOpen will allow authors publishing in the Journals of Emirates Scholars to easily track article-level metrics such as views, shares, and citations.

Bringing the latest scientific developments from the Gulf region to the world

Emirates Scholar aims to disseminate knowledge about recent scientific developments in the UAE and Gulf Region to the rest of the world by promoting and supporting academic research through article and book writing, translation, conferences, and symposia.

Emirates Scholar monitors, analyzes and evaluates current and potential trends, non-traditional ideas, and impending phenomena that contribute to shaping the future in the short term, particularly in the Gulf region, with trends utilizing advanced methodologies and scholarly activities that engage academics, researchers, and public figures from the UAE and around the world.

They currently publish three open-access journals: The Journal of Business, Economics, and Social Studies; The Journal of Policing and Security Studies; and the International Journal of Automation & Digital Transformation. All three of them are included in the new Emirates Scholar Super Collection, which will add more insightful content to our network of more than 77 million publications. Let us present the journals one by one:

Journal of Business, Economics and Social Studies

The Emirati Journal of Business, Economics and Social Studies (EJBESS) aims to promote the exchange of ideas between science and practice by encouraging theoretical research and its applications in the fields of business economics and business administration, management, economics, and social studies.

EJBESS promotes knowledge in all areas of social science research through English-language publications that discuss the most recent research findings or current research that can be used directly or indirectly in addressing critical issues, as well as the sharing of advanced knowledge and best practices in business, management, economics, and social studies.

This journal is constantly accepting submissions from researchers and scholars, which can benefit from our numerous engagement tools and encourage community-building around the EJBESS content. Articles can further be easily recommended, reviewed, and shared on different social networks.

Highlighted titles:

Journal of Policing and Security Studies

Emirati Journal of Policing and Security Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research studies, conceptual articles, theoretical overviews or reviews, and articles on good practice or practice evaluation to reflect the constantly changing landscape of security studies and the environment in which police personnel around the world operate.

It includes, but is not limited to, research covering issues such as cybercrime, criminal investigation, police management, crime prevention, public engagement, and domestic and international security threats. By publishing contemporary articles written by practitioners, academics, and other contributors from various national and international policy perspectives, this journal aims to provide a platform for theory, research, and practice to come together to advance all knowledge of different areas and diverse aspects of policing. Follow the collection of this journal here, and keep yourself updated with the new upcoming titles.

Journal of Automation and Digital Transformation

The International Journal of Automation & Digital Transformation is a journal that investigates the multifaceted and multi-disciplinary challenges and opportunities that digital transformation presents to organizations.

Digital transformation is investigated from the standpoints of needs identification, conceptualization, and design, all the way through to implementation and its subsequent consequences.

Its publications examine the relationship between strategic management and digital transformation, an area for critical debate. Some of the topics and fields of research covered by the International Journal of Automation & Digital Transformation include articles on data-driven and evidence-based business models and the challenges they face; case studies and evidence for new models; successful patterns for digital transformation; the relationship of innovation and innovative practice to digital transformation; future jobs and skills in digitally transformed businesses, and so on.

Highlighted titles:

Engage with Emirates Scholar’s open access content in the Emirates Super Collection

With our discovery tools, you can create a scientific narrative that is tailored to your specific studies, lectures, thoughts, or research interests. Our job is to provide the most convenient and comprehensive access to the most diverse materials possible.

ScienceOpen Collections are thematic groups of publications that have been grouped together based on their topic or the journal in which they were published.

Emirates Scholar’s three journals and their publications will significantly expand the research available on our platform, which is already featured in 700 different collections and over 25.000 different journals. Go here to start exploring and interacting with the content from Emirates Scholar. Feel free to share them on social media with your colleagues and invite your research circles to follow their collection.

Get in touch with our team if you would like to learn more about our publishing solutions or features.

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