Exploring the SDGs on ScienceOpen:  #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Exploring the SDGs on ScienceOpen:  #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

The rapid rate of urbanization, climate change, and human growth is having a significant influence on our cities and human settlements, infrastructure, and daily services. On the other hand, our cities and communities have an impact on climate change because current urban development does not necessarily seek to be sustainable, but rather to provide a quick solution.

Adapting our cities to global concerns such as global warming and disasters is a component of Agenda2030, and more specifically, SDG 11.

SDG 11 aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

We have a lot of scholarly content available that promotes Sustainable Development Goal 11 and on today’s blog, we want to share a few examples.

Sustainable urban planning, housing, and development

The Liverpool University Press Planning and Development is a leading urban and regional planning journal, which provides an interdisciplinary platform for the critical study of development-related practices, planning, and policy in the global South.

Many of the papers in this collection are about sustainable urban and spatial planning, urbanization, sustainable infrastructure, governance, housing, and other topics. Search and sort the collection’s articles by keyword of interest and join the discourse about the SDGs.

Covid-19 has also had a significant impact on our cities and communities, as well as planning and infrastructure, and Liverpool University Press has dedicated a topical collection on Town Planning Review: COVID-19 Viewpoint Series to this topic

The Journal of Green Building presents the very best peer-reviewed research in green building design, construction, engineering, technological innovation, building information modeling, community planning, and landscape architecture, making a very important contribution to the scholarly community on topics covered by SDG11.

Enhance inclusive and sustainable urbanization

De Gruyter Materials Science: Energy features cutting-edge research on Energy from De Gruyter Publisher’s Materials Science program, where topics like energy efficiency meet with infrastructure sustainability, efficient building and materials, and general sustainability challenges.

SDG 11 seeks to rethink and plan cities and other human settlements in such a way that they provide opportunities for all, including access to basic services, energy, housing, transportation, and green public spaces, while minimizing resource usage and environmental impact.

Many of our SDG subjects are covered by Amsterdam University Press Books, and SDG11 is no exception, with dozens of book titles on issues such as sustainable city development, urban planning, and efficient services and infrastructure systems.

Amsterdam University Press Books is a renowned Humanities and Social Sciences scholarly publisher that stands for scholarly excellence, global presence, and involvement with the international academic community.

Active Travel Studies is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes authoritative research on walking, cycling, and other kinds of active travel, content that is relevant and timely in the context of a climate emergency, widespread health problems related to inactivity, and poor air quality produced in large part by fossil-fuel transportation.

UCL and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

UCL is taking the lead in responding to the problems outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through world-class research and teaching, as well as the way it works as an institution.

As for every other SDG, the UCL published research in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 is curated on a dedicated collection on ScienceOpen, aiming to promote research on making cities and human settlements more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable.

UCL: UN SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Emerald Global Challenges

Emerald: Responsible Management’s collection features curated research from Emerald’s best research supporting among others, SDG 11.

Emerald Publishing has carefully handpicked four themed study collections on ScienceOpen, each associated with a core objective supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Other highlighted book titles:

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