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Exploring the SDGs on ScienceOpen: #10 Reduce Inequalities

Exploring the SDGs on ScienceOpen: #10 Reduce Inequalities

ScienceOpen actively promotes scientific outputs and publications that investigate topics related to the SDGs and highlight significant accomplishments in each SDG. Today’s blog will look at research collections and publications that address issues related to SDG 10 – Reduce Inequalities.

SDG 10 seeks to reduce inequalities both within and between countries.

This SDG calls for the reduction of income inequalities as well as inequalities based on age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic, or other status within a country.

Over 80 million publications are currently available on ScienceOpen, including journal articles, books, book chapters, conference papers, preprint manuscripts, and review papers!

ScienceOpen is the go-to search and discovery engine for academics across a wide range of disciplines.

Achieve and sustain income growth and empower the social, economic, and political inclusion of all

Hogrefe Psychology investigates the psychology behind traits of inequality that we witness in our everyday lives, and its research also tries to address issues like inequality between genders, different age groups, or minorities, and the rest of society, through a psychological lens.

The journals included in this collection cover a myriad of research topics, such as experimental and personnel psychology, media psychology,  social psychology, addiction, and many more. 

Social Behavior and Personality is an international journal (SBP) that publishes papers on all aspects of social, personality, and developmental psychology. It is another excellent source of articles on social psychology and methods for reducing inequalities on ScienceOpen.

African Minds provides scholars with the latest books in social sciences, offering innovative approaches, openness, and debate in the pursuit of growing and deepening the African knowledge base. Social empowerment, especially in the field of education, is covered by the following titles. Discover the collection for more books covering topics related to SDG10.

Adopt policies to achieve greater equality and strengthen the implementation of such regulations

Michigan Publishing publishes scholarly publications in a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines.

The University of Michigan Press strongly supports the struggle for racial justice. We publish and distribute books in the humanities and social sciences that seek to make sense of society and culture.

We are highlighting just a few titles from Michigan Publishing’s rich collection in social sciences:

Impact is a collection of high-quality, open-access, and free science reports designed to disseminate research impact to key stakeholders. Impact creates publications that communicate the economic, scientific, and societal impact of research. The titles in the collection cover topics such as inequality, social justice, and policies to reduce inequality:

Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people

The Amsterdam University Press collection provides a comprehensive overview of migration, mobility policies, security, and issues that lead to inequalities among and within national groups.

Discover the wide collection of books, through a selection of recommended titles by ScienceOpen:

Other highlighted books

SDG10 focuses as well on enhanced representation and promotion of developing countries in global decision-making institutions. In this area, books published by Amsterdam University Press and University of Michigan Press provide important insights, promoting expert opinions and high-quality research that may support meeting this target by 2030.

Check out the books:

UCL Press and the SDGs

UCL Press has a collection dedicated to SDG10, featuring UCL-affiliated research supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 10. In this collection, our users can get access to over 3000 cross-disciplinary publications. Take a glimpse at the diversity of the collection, by exploring the highlighted titles picked by us.

Want to highlight your SDG research?

In our blog post Curating SDGs research on ScienceOpen, we have covered the main ways in which all our users can profit from our network while pushing forward the objectives of Agenda2030.

Our #ExploreSDGs campaign aims to promote content that is advancing the research and discussion on topics related to the Sustainable Development Goals, but at the same time, it wants to encourage publishers and researchers to join the challenge of achieving Agenda2030’s goals by curating their own SDG research on ScienceOpen.

Have a look at our blog and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details and ideas that you would like to discuss.

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