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Open science and open peer-review platform for UCL Press

Open science and open peer-review platform for UCL Press

ScienceOpen has expanded its partnership with UCL Press, providing more tailored features that help showcase the cutting-edge research from UCL Press and all of the journals and publishers affiliated with the University College London.

UCL Press currently has 15 open-access journals in our research and discovery network, covering a wide range of topics in the humanities, law, and social sciences, as well as science, technology, and engineering. It is now easier to navigate and discover such an impressive scholarly offer, thanks to a dedicated platform powered by ScienceOpen that includes all of the open-access content and peer-reviewed publications from these journals in one single page.

UCL Open

UCL Press’s new open science and open peer-review journal platform can now be accessed at:

UCL Open: Environment is the first iteration and pilot journal of the platform that focuses on environment-related research.

UCL Open: Environment is the result of a close partnership between UCL Press and ScienceOpen, who collaborated to create a journal based on open review principles, following both ScienceOpen’s and UCL Press’s vision and commitment to open peer review and open science.

ScienceOpen’s rich discovery environment assists in locating expert reviewers. Our interface allows editors, authors, and researchers to browse registered users’ profiles, sorting by affiliation, keywords, publication numbers, and other criteria. 

More visibility for UCL Press’ OA Journals

Apart from UCL Open, UCL Press publishes 14 other open-access academic journals on ScienceOpen. All these journals accept manuscripts free of charge, making an important contribution to the fields of social sciences, literature, and history, and helping in knowledge-sharing, by making scholarly information more accessible and relevant.

List of UCL OA Journals:

Having launched our open-access journals on the ScienceOpen platform in 2017 with 5 journals to now publishing 15, this platform expansion comes at a good point in time to help us continue our growth and support all of our journals and editors further. We are excited to continue partnering with ScienceOpen to allow the widest possible dissemination of published content.

Ian Caswell, Journals Manager at UCL Press

Our new platform makes it easier to explore the latest UCL Press publications and stay up to date on the latest call for papers or other relevant news. The platform is a new customized environment for UCL Press’ OA academic Journals.

Researchers who publish in UCL Press journals will have full Open Access to all of their content, as well as access to ScienceOpen’s interactive promotion features and research context, which includes over 78 million publications and 25.000 journals.

You can easily access your preferred journal by using the Journals drop-down menu on the landing page.

Staying updated with UCL Press

You can keep up to date with the latest call for papers and news from each journal and UCL Press by visiting the announcements section. To help ensure the broadest possible dissemination of research, all UCL Press journals are published open access under the CC-BY 4.0 international license and they are all editorially independent, supported by an Editorial Board with specialist expertise in the subject area.

There is no need to check newsletters on a regular basis or look for journals to which you can contribute your research. Simply go to and look in the announcements section for an area of research where your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Making Science Open!

ScienceOpen provides publishers with content hosting, context building, and marketing services, and is dedicated to making scholarly content more accessible to all. ScienceOpen, with its cutting-edge technology and a wide range of solutions and services, can help you create, manage, and promote your open access brand, as well as assist all publishers in exploring new tools for next-generation, open peer review.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about our solutions!

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