ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – October 2022

ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – October 2022

Welcome to ScienceOpen’s monthly digest, where we provide you with the most recent updates on new publishers and journals that have joined our platform, as well as brand-new collections that may support researchers and editors in their scientific work.

During October, we at ScienceOpen traveled some more, establishing new partnerships and expanding our network of collaborators, always staying up to date with the most recent innovations in the digital publishing landscape and beyond.

ScienceOpen at Frankfurt Book Fair!

Back at the Book Fair!

This year, the Frankfurt Book Fair returned as one of the industry’s largest and most important events, where we had the opportunity to attend, take pride in all of the recent developments and upgrades in our publishing infrastructure, and catch up with partners and different publishers from around the world.

Just returned from the fantastic Frankfurt Book Fair 2022. It was great to be back in 4.2 with a stand and to meet up with friends, colleagues, and new contacts in person. We were very busy with back-to-back meetings throughout the days, but we did manage to get to some of the social events, where we proudly displayed the UN SDG Publishers Compact signage on our stand, and this was certainly one of the major topics of our discussions. We were also delighted to demonstrate our most recent new feature at the article/book/chapter level – a customizable banner for promoting, conference, calls for papers, and so on. Soon we will get in touch with all the contacts we have met. See you next year at Frankfurt Book Fair ’23!

Stuart Cooper, Global Business Development Director

Following the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Words Connect Worlds theme this year, we presented all of ScienceOpen’s innovations and publishing solutions in a recent blog, which can help publishers learn more about ways how they can bridge many current gaps in the scholarly publishing environment through our services.

Check out the blog and let us know what you think on social media.

Solutions for the future: Digital Publishing on ScienceOpen

From Frankfurt to Cairo!

After some important networking days in Frankfurt, our CEO Stephanie Dawson traveled further to Cairo, to attend the first conference from the Forum for Open Research in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The Conference brought together leading international experts and key regional stakeholders that support the advancement of open research across the region, providing a forum for librarians, researchers, government policymakers, universities, and international experts to discuss and debate key themes and issues.

Our network of over 81 million publications features plenty of publications in a wide range of disciplines that explore different aspects and breakthrough innovations of academia in the Middle East and Northern Africa, or topics covering issues affecting the region.

Stephanie shared some new open science workflows with conference attendees, contributing to the general discussion about what Open Science looks like in the current publishing environment. #FORM4Open

Attending Science Europe Open Science Conference

This month, we also had the opportunity to attend the Science Europe Open Science Conference, which was held on October 18 and 19. The event brought together institutional leaders, early-career researchers, and field experts to discuss two major issues:

  • Is Open Science ready to become the norm in research?
  • How do we ensure an equitable transition to Open Science?

This conference provided a comprehensive overview of the current policy initiatives, research assessment reforms, and financial measures that supported the transition to Open Science and looked forward to new trends.

New additions to our network

Radboud University Press recently joined our network, adding book titles as well as publications from four of its journals in English, Dutch, and French

RUP is an open-access diamond publisher of high-quality academic peer-reviewed books and journals in a variety of disciplines, and it represents the academic excellence of Radboud University, one of the world’s leading universities.

University Presses are at the center of the global knowledge ecosystem. We publish works and provide services that benefit a wide range of scholarly networks, including researchers, teachers, students, librarians, and the rest of the university community. 

Following ScienceOpen’s successful collaboration with various research institutes, university presses, academies, and publishing societies from China, we had an exciting new addition this month in our network: the China Occupational Medicine Journal.

China Occupational Medicine focuses on new research accomplishments, progress, and technology in occupational health and medicine, as well as occupational disease prevention. First published in 1974, its research focus also includes related disciplines that adhere to the policy of combining theory and practice, scientific research with clinical practice, and popularization with improvement.

New open science platform for UCL Press

ScienceOpen has expanded its partnership with UCL Press, providing more tailored features that help showcase the cutting-edge research from UCL Press and all of the journals and publishers affiliated with the University College London.

It is now easier to navigate and discover such an impressive scholarly offer, thanks to a dedicated platform powered by ScienceOpen that includes all of the open-access content and peer-reviewed publications from these journals in one single page.

UCL Press’s new open science and open peer-review journal platform can now be accessed at:

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