Solutions for the future: Digital Publishing on ScienceOpen

Solutions for the future: Digital Publishing on ScienceOpen

Frankfurt Book Fair is just around the corner. We are looking forward to being back there and getting a chance to meet many old and new partners and exchange some ideas and inspiration at our stand with the number 4.2 L10.

While we get ready for one of the industry’s largest and most important events in the next days, we wanted to take a look at some of the services and publishing solutions that ScienceOpen provides, for books and not only books.

Following this year’s Words Connect Worlds motto of the Frankfurt Book Fair, we want to go a step further and present publishing solutions that will bridge many current gaps in the scholarly publishing environment, solutions that are embedded in a research and discovery network that is always striving for greater openness and innovation.

Solutions for the future

ScienceOpen provides cutting-edge technology as well as a variety of publishing solutions and services to institutions, independent publishers, university presses, and researchers.

Our network currently includes over 6.3 million books, in addition to over 72 million scholarly articles and 25.000 journals, making ScienceOpen the only research platform you’ll ever need.


Our most recent innovation is the BookMetaHub, which was developed as a publishing solution in response to challenges identified in the data and corresponding data formats used for online book content sharing.

BookMetaHub contributes to the development of a more open and inclusive publishing ecosystem, but it also aims to assist publishers in simplifying content management by providing a freely accessible, cutting-edge hub for the easier exchange and update of interoperable book and chapter metadata for academic book titles.

On our blog about BookMetaHub – Metadata made simple, we explain the technology behind BookMetaHub in more detail, while it keeps upgrading with new additions like the integration with the Funder Registry.

List of publishers that use BookMetaHub and highlighted tiles:

Interactive Discovery for books

Our discovery network helps you search, sort, and explore from a list of over 6.3 million books.

ScienceOpen has been tracking citations to books and chapters via Crossref DOIs since 2019 and you can easily navigate our list of book records and find the publications that are most relevant to your field of study using our advanced search capabilities. As a publisher, you can get your own publishing platform on ScienceOpen, which comes with a branded URL and website with lots of space for customization.

Metadata services

You might notice that many books out there do not have very rich information about them – a summary text, keywords and cover are missing. This is because we depend on the metadata – title, author, publisher, date, etc. – deposited at Crossref to create each new record. As an author on ScienceOpen, you can log in with your ORCID and add a summary, cover and keywords to your book titles.

Learn more here on how to promote your research on ScienceOpen.

For publishers we also offer services around book metadata to increase the richness of records for our search algorithms on ScienceOpen to increase discoverability. We can further update records at Crossref so that all services using their databases get richer records. We work with a number of book publishers such as Amsterdam University PressMichigan Publishing, Medical Physics Publishing, and Sunway University Press.

Highlighted titles:

Expertise in publishing and innovation

Publishing on ScienceOpen helps you by putting your research and publications in a wider context, while your content will be recommended on all relevant content within the 81+ million publications on the ScienceOpen for increased visibility and dissemination.

We also keep ourselves in the loop with the most important debates within the industry and all the new innovations, trying to answer the different needs of publishers on one single network.

We offer integration with Altmetric, promote the importance of DOIs for books in the digital publishing landscape, promote SDGs through the research embedded in our network, promote open science and help facilitate scientific communication.

Our blog is the best example of the wide range of campaigns, activities, and solutions that are constantly being promoted by us.

Trust in ScienceOpen

African Minds, Michigan Publishing, and Bloomsbury have chosen ScienceOpen as Open Access hosting platform.

Our network constantly grows bigger with new prestigious book publishers from all over the world. Radboud University Press, Peter Lang Books, Bloomsbury Academic, and Sunway University Press are some of the latest additions to our long list of publishers.

List of all book publishers

Meet us at FBF!

Visiting the Frankfurt Book Fair? Drop by our stand (4.2 L10), sit down, and talk to us about ScienceOpen services for publishers and what else you would like to see us working on in 2023.

Send an e-mail to Stephanie, Stuart, or Nina for an appointment. ScienceOpen has something to offer for every publisher!

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