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Welcoming Radboud University Press on ScienceOpen

Welcoming Radboud University Press on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen’s ever-growing network is constantly being enriched with content from a wide range of publishers, including numerous university presses and new journals published by university presses.

Today, we are happy to welcome Radboud University Press to ScienceOpen. Radboud University Press is an open-access diamond publisher of high-quality academic peer-reviewed books and journals in a variety of disciplines. Radboud University Press’s primary goal is to meet the highest academic standards in publishing and to provide free open-access publications to both authors and readers.

Founded in 2021, Radboud University Press represents the academic excellence of Radboud University, one of the world’s leading universities.

ScienceOpen’s platform is ideal for universities, as it helps by contextualizing their research among 81 million other publications and promoting their content in our discovery network and beyond.

Discover the new collection

Radboud University Press’s new ScienceOpen collection will include many book titles as well as publications from four of its journals in English, Dutch, and French, enriching not only the platform’s multilingual content but also the fields of literature, language, and religious studies.

The mission of Radboud University Press is to make scientific knowledge more freely accessible worldwide by making high-quality journals and books affordable for writers and their audiences.

Many high-quality, peer-reviewed book titles in various fields of research will be included in the open-access book collection. ScienceOpen will assist Radboud University Press in this new partnership by indexing its content on our platform and enhancing the discoverability and distribution of its titles in the digital publishing landscape.

Discover the book collection with some of the Editor Picks below:

New Journals by Radboud University Press

Apart from the book collection, Radboud University Press is bringing cutting-edge research from four journals on ScienceOpen: Religie & Samenleving (Religion & Society), Relief – Revue électronique de littérature française (Relief – Electronic journal of French literature), Ecclesial Futures, and Handelingen (Acts).

Religie & Samenleving

Religie & Samenleving is a research platform for all scholars interested in the evolution of religion and religious institutions in European culture during the last two centuries. The journal publishes primarily in Dutch and seeks to contribute to the discussion of religion’s position in modern society.

Religion & Society takes a multidisciplinary approach in order to foster discussion both within the social sciences and between science and society.

Explore the journal through some highlighted papers:

Relief – Revue électronique de littérature française

Relief – Revue électronique de littérature française is a peer-reviewed multilingual journal dedicated to literary and cultural studies. Its historical reach is unlimited as long as it is related to French-language corpora. The journal serves as a hub for the study of literatures, texts, and discourses.

Since its first issue in 2007, Relief has been a digital and open access journal, and the issues are arranged by theme or monograph, but each issue has space for varied submissions as well as book reviews.

Highlighted titles:

Ecclesial Futures

Ecclesial Futures is an international and ecumenical journal that publishes original research and theological reflection on the development and transformation of local Christian communities and the systems that support them as they join in the mission of God in the world. The core disciplines of research featured in this collection include theology, missiology, and ecclesiology. 

In the titles below, you can get a glimpse of Ecclesial Futures’ collection:


Handelingen (‘Acts’) is an academic journal for researchers, lecturers, students, and professionals written to keep them abreast of the current state of teaching and research in practical theology and religious studies. The journal showcases the relevance of knowledge and educational innovation to the themes, questions, and problems that concern religion, care, education, and governance. The contributions promote an independent and critical assessment of the current ecclesiastical, religious, and ideological developments in society.

Discover the publications of Handelingen:

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University Presses are at the center of the global knowledge ecosystem. We publish works and provide services that benefit a wide range of scholarly networks, including researchers, teachers, students, librarians, and the rest of the university community. The new collaboration with Radboud University Press marks another step forward in our efforts of expanding our network with additional prestigious university presses all over the world.

If you want to see your publications embedded in ScienceOpen’s network and learn more about our comprehensive publishing solutions, get in touch with our team today.

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