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Recognizing Preprint Peer Review – Survey + Online Meeting

Recognizing Preprint Peer Review – Survey + Online Meeting

Public review of preprints offers many benefits. It enables reviewers to focus on the science itself, allows authors to engage in constructive dialog with reviewers, and provides context on preprints for readers. 

cOAlition S and EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships have recently announced that they recognize peer-reviewed preprints as peer-reviewed publications, and some journals are also accepting reviews from services such as Peer Community In and Review Commons.

To support preprint peer reviews, HHMIASAPbio, and EMBO will be organizing a virtual meeting on December 1st and 2nd on the topic of Recognizing Preprint Peer Review.

We invite the entire scientific community to engage with us virtually by watching the talks, asking questions and contributing to group discussions. 


The meeting will aim to promote community consensus, to support preprint peer review, and to create funder, institutional, and journal policies that recognize both preprints with reviews, and reviews of preprints

The organizers, have also launched a pre-meeting survey which will help shape the conversation on December 1st and 2nd. The survey focuses on feedback and review of preprints, and you can easily answer it in the link below.

What’s your experience with posting, receiving, and reusing public feedback on preprints? – Survey

For more information and a full Agenda of the meeting, please visit the meeting website below.

Recognizing Preprint Peer Review | Janelia Research Campus

Open Peer Review on ScienceOpen!

At ScienceOpen we have been developing infrastructure for open peer review for nearly 10 years because we believe that it increases transparency and trust in science. Over the years we have continued to explore open peer review tools and workflows to support preprint management, post-publication review, and the creation of open access journals based on open peer review.

We have recently explored the topic of open peer review for the past Peer Review Week. We explored different perspectives an experiences from scholars on advantages and disadvantages of Open Peer Review, and we invite you to revisit the results of our survey in our blog: Scholars’ views on Open Peer Review

Our CEO Stephanie Dawson is one of the invited participants of the Recognizing Preprint Peer Review Meeting. Register for the meeting today, and don’t forget to get in touch with us for more information on our solutions and services facilitating open peer review.

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