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ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – November 2022

ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – November 2022

Welcome to November’s monthly digest, where we provide you with the most recent updates on new publishers and journals that have joined our platform, as well as brand-new collections that may support researchers and editors in their scientific work.

Looking back at the month of November, we added more publishers to our network and grew the number of scholarly publications, which is now more than 82 million.

OA research on Climate Change and Human Health by PLOS

PLOS has been a great addition to our network in November, with a new collection on Climate Change and Human Health. This collection will feature research that addresses all aspects of the intersection of climate and health from two PLOS journals, and all the scholarly offer which will be produced by the call for articles on “Climate Change and Human Health.

You can submit a manuscript directly from the collection page on ScienceOpen.

The journals welcome research submissions that address all aspects of research in the disciplines, ranging from the changing burden of communicable and non-communicable disease to the effects of extreme events on health systems, as well as research that evaluates potential adaptations to build healthier and more resilient societies.

New content on Radiology Science

In November, we had the chance to announce another new collaboration, which will see our network enriched with new, prestigious, and up-to-date multidisciplinary content in radiology science. ScienceOpen will be indexing all new publications of Radiology Science Journal and place them in a larger context of over 82 million publications and 25.000 journals.

Radiology Science is an open-access journal focusing on radiology science and technology interdisciplinary studies combined with informatics such as Artificial Intelligence and big data for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. 

The journal does not impose author processing charges (APCs) or any other publication fees and they are welcoming articles directly through their website. Discover Radiology Science Journal and make sure to follow the collection for new exciting upcoming research.

IEREK Press joins ScienceOpen

Another great news of November: IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange joined ScienceOpen.. Based in Egypt with a new office in Germany, IEREK manages conferences around the world and publishes results in their open-access journals.

The IEREK Press collection is a showcase for research articles from journals and conference proceedings in a variety of disciplines. IEREK publications from ARChiveResourceedings, and Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development (ESSD)Journals are now available to ScienceOpen users.

We are pleased to welcome IEREK Press and to support them in their mission of facilitating the exchange of generated knowledge and research advancements, which aligns very well with our mission of supporting open scientific communications and important topics related to the SDGs and open science policy.

Highighted research by IEREK Press:

Hosting services for CVIA Journal

For over five years now, ScienceOpen has partnered with Compuscript to provide discovery services for Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications, an open access medical journal focusing on articles and original clinical research that explore novel developments in cardiovascular disease.

The 6 published volumes of 269 articles were viewed almost 75,000 times on the ScienceOpen platform over the past 5 years with 760 shares and 30 recommendations. ScienceOpen has been actively promoting the journal within its search environment and in all social media channels.

CVIA has now switched from its current Ingenta implementation to ScienceOpen’s open access hosting services in order to increase visibility even further, taking advantage of our innovative infrastructure and services such as Crossref DOI deposit, integration with ORCID, metadata delivery to indexing services, extensive analytics, and open post-publication review infrastructure.

We are particularly excited that CVIA will now call the ScienceOpen platform home for its Open Access articles, so make sure to follow CVIA’s collection and spread the word around it.

Countdown to 2023!

We have started our countdown towards 2023!

Looking back to 2022, we would like to highlight some of the remarkable accomplishments and success stories from the past months in our new campaign for December: ScienceOpen’s Year in Review.

The success stories that will be promoted in this upcoming campaign, will serve as inspiration for future partnerships, improved services and publishing solutions, long-lasting technological advancements in the digital landscape, and increased openness and transparency in the publishing sector.

We collaborate with several incredibly motivating publishers, cutting-edge publishing companies, libraries, nonprofit organizations, university presses, and prominent scholars to build ScienceOpen into a vast network of science promoters and changemakers who collaborate for a more sustainable and forward-thinking world. To each and every one of you, we want to extend a sincere appreciation.

Celebrate with us the countdown towards 2023 with ScienceOpen’s Year in Review!

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