Welcoming IEREK Press on ScienceOpen

Welcoming IEREK Press on ScienceOpen

Academic conferences are an integral part of research communication. We are therefore excited to welcome IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange to the ScienceOpen platform. Based in Egypt with a new office in Germany, IEREK manages conferences around the world and publishes results in their open-access journals.

The IEREK Press collection is a showcase for research articles from journals and conference proceedings in a variety of disciplines. IEREK publications from ARChive, Resourceedings, and Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development (ESSD)Journals are now available to ScienceOpen users.

Through its headquarters in Egypt and our global partners, our institution continues its activities by organizing and implementing scientific programs to spread science and develop skills on all local and international levels.


We are pleased to welcome IEREK Press and to support them in their mission of facilitating the exchange of generated knowledge and research advancements, which aligns very well with our mission of supporting open scientific communications and important topics related to the SDGs and open science policy.

Good discoverability and visibility at the article-level can lead to higher impact for journals and authors. But this can be a big challenge, especially for publishers outside of Europe/US. ScienceOpen has worked increasingly with publishers from the MENA region over the past year and are excited to be expanding our network with the agile team at IEREK. Their focus on many topics around sustainable development make them a great fit for our platform.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO ScienceOpen

Discover the new collection

IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange – is an international organization concerned with knowledge exchange and research advancement through the organization and management of conferences in all fields of knowledge.

ScienceOpen’s collections include a wide range of journals from various countries, all of which contribute significantly to the diversity of opinions in our network, which now includes over 81 million publications.

IEREK offers workshops and conferences in various disciplines for academics and professionals, and all future conference and scientific event conversations, exchanges, and proceedings will be continuously added to the super collection and the specific journal collections, which you can explore through some highlighted titles below:

Some upcoming conference highlights include:

Explore the journals by IEREK

The ESSD Journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal aimed at systematically developing the research-driven curiosity and evidence-based discourse of aspiring scholars seeking to contribute to the academic community. The journal’s emphasis is on academic research in a variety of fields related to Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development.

Highlighted Articles

Resourceedings, is another journal by IEREK, which publishes quality conference proceedings in engineering and all related disciplines. Follow the collection for the latest updates from all disciplines related to engineering and ground-breaking multidisciplinary research.

Highlighted articles

ARChive: The Academic Research Community publicationis a journal that publishes conference proceedings on a wide range of topics, from Engineering and Technology to Environment, Energy and Earth Science, adding more quality content to the super collection by IEREK Press on ScienceOpen. Explore the collection through some highlighted titles below and spread the word about the most recent advancements with your peers.

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This new collaboration with IEREK Press marks another step forward in our efforts to expand our network with additional publishers from all over the world.

Want to join our community? Contact Stuart Cooper today and he will be more than happy to explain how our publishing solution, will fit to your needs as publishers.

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