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Success Stories of 2022 –African Minds

Success Stories of 2022 –African Minds

We’ve started celebrating the upcoming holidays with our countdown to 2023, which highlights some of ScienceOpen’s outstanding achievements in 2022. Follow our Year in Review Campaign, which features success stories from the previous months as inspiration for future collaborations in 2023.

Open Access book hosting for African Minds

African Minds is an open-access, not-for-profit, publisher of scholarly books. African Minds publishes predominantly in the social sciences and its authors are typically African academics or those with a close affinity with the continent.

The emphasis at African Minds is less on the commercial viability of publications and more on fostering access, openness, and debate in the pursuit of expanding and deepening the African knowledge base.

Since 2020, ScienceOpen and African Minds have been collaborating in the promotion and dissemination of African Minds’ scholarship, and we are pleased to have developed a user-friendly interface that generates streamlined, machine-readable metadata and quickly integrates rich book records onto ScienceOpen. During 2022, the number of books on the collection of African Minds doubled, generating over 19.000 item requests from users in 120 countries around the world.

We want to celebrate our successful collaboration with African Minds, by highlighting some of the editor picks from the collection:

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