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Success Stories of 2022 – Arab Studies Quarterly

Success Stories of 2022 – Arab Studies Quarterly

Celebrate with us the countdown towards 2023 with ScienceOpen’s Year in Review.

Our network has grown to include over 82 million records on ScienceOpen in the last year. We invite you to join us in celebrating by following our Year in Review campaign, which highlights some of the year’s most remarkable accomplishments.

Today’s success story: the hosting of Arab Studies Quarterly Journal by Pluto Journals on ScienceOpen.

Success Story – ASQ

Arab Studies Quarterly, Pluto Journals’ oldest journal was founded in 1979 by Edward Said and Ibrahim Abu-Lughod, and it is focusing on Arab peoples, their culture, history, and political institutions. They envisioned the Journal to be a platform for academic research to counter anti-Arab propaganda veiled by academic jargon. 

ScienceOpen hosts all of Pluto’s journals, including ASQ, and each journal has access to ScienceOpen’s peer review and manuscript submission management systems, among other publishing solutions and promotional tools.

Pluto Journals is an Open Access publisher, offering free and unlimited access to the full text of all articles from their international collection of social science journals, and the authors don’t pay an author processing charge (APC’s).  

To ensure that valuable collections remain Open Access, Pluto Journals is asking for your support

The most recent issue of the Arab Studies Quarterly Journal includes articles discussing the US economy’s precarious state in light of China’s rise and the US proxy war in Ukraine, while another situates RESISTANCE in the regional and global context to demonstrate how US imperialism and the colonial Zionist entity in Palestine work to maintain their slipping domination in the region. It also includes articles on Syria’s political and economic development, as well as the decolonization of English Literature Departments at Arab Universities.

Discover the latest issue of ASQ on ScienceOpen and don’t forget to show your support for Pluto Journals and help them maintain their fully open-access policy.

Looking forward to new collaborations in 2023!

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