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Success Stories of 2022 – Emerald’s SDG collections

Success Stories of 2022 – Emerald’s SDG collections

We have started the countdown towards 2023! #YearInReview

Celebrate with us and follow our Year in Review campaign, where we present just some of the remarkable accomplishments of 2022.

Let’s make Science Open!

Research promoting SDGs by Emerald Publishing

Emerald Publishing has expanded its collection of Sustainable Development Goals resources on ScienceOpen throughout 2022. These four collections on ScienceOpen support Emerald’s mission of promoting Healthier LivesQuality Education for All, Responsible Management, and Fairer Society throughout the world, while also aligning perfectly with our goal of promoting diverse perspectives in research across a wide range of disciplines.

In these collections, scholars can find the most recent updates from Emerald Publishing’s scholarship covering SDGs in an interdisciplinary and innovative manner, curated, and embedded in our network thanks to the ease-of-access provided by our tools and publishing interface.

We are very happy to have Emerald Publishing join us in our efforts promote scientific advancements that help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

By curating and promoting the content from across multiple disciplines aligned with these four collections, Emerald and ScienceOpen hope to contribute to real change in society and to further dissemination of the advancements made under each SDG.

Join ScienceOpen in 2023!

We are constantly upgrading and looking forward to seeing our network grow bigger in 2023.

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