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Success Stories of 2022 – Emirates Scholar

Success Stories of 2022 – Emirates Scholar

We continue to celebrate the upcoming holidays with our countdown to 2023, which highlights some of ScienceOpen’s remarkable accomplishments in 2022. Follow our Year in Review Campaign, featuring  success stories from the previous months that serve as inspiration for future partnerships in 2023.

Emirates Scholar promoting research development in U.A.E.

Emirates Scholar was founded to shoulder the responsibility of research development in U.A.E and in the Arab region. It features new scholarly perspectives to ScienceOpen’s content by publishing insightful open-access research in the fields of economics, policing and security studies, social studies, business, automation, digital transformation, arts, media, and medical sciences.

We monitor, analyze, and assess current and potential trends, non-traditional ideas and impending phenomena that contribute to shaping the future in the short-term, especially in the Gulf region.

Emirates Scholar

Emirates Scholar joined our network in 2022 and continues to add new journals and articles to its super collection, making the most of ScienceOpen’s global user base and promotional services. Furthermore, ScienceOpen features enable authors publishing in Emirates Scholars Journals to easily track article-level metrics such as views, shares, and citations.

They currently publish five open-access journals on ScienceOpen, which provide our research and discovery network of over 82 million publications with insightful content and prestigious scholarship from the U.A.E.

Discover some recent titles from Emirates Scholar:

We invite you to engage with Emirates Scholar’s open-access content in the Emirates Super Collection andto invite your research circles to follow their collection.

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