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Success Stories of 2022 – International Journal of Disability and Social Justice

Success Stories of 2022 – International Journal of Disability and Social Justice

We have begun to celebrate the upcoming holidays with our countdown to 2023, which highlights some of ScienceOpen’s remarkable accomplishments in 2022.

Follow our Year in Review Campaign, featuring  success stories from the previous months that serve as inspiration for future partnerships in 2023.

IJDSJ marking our successful collaboration with Pluto Journals

Pluto Journals is the first publisher to convert all of its cutting-edge social science journals to Open Access, and it has been using ScienceOpen for over a year to host all of the cutting-edge scholarship featured in 21 journals. ScienceOpen provides the ideal technological infrastructure and know-how for the open-access hosting of these 21 journals, including the International Journal of Disability and Social Justice.

The International Journal of Disability and Social Justice is an international and interdisciplinary journal in the field of Disability Studies that serves as a forum for scholars, academic activists, and their allies working to challenge injustices and build inclusive societies. The Journal publishes cutting-edge scholarship and research by authors concerned with challenging disability injustices.

ScienceOpen provides space and services to Pluto Journals to promote their content – from open access hosting solutions to enriched metadata and promotional packages to custom-tailored publishing environments. 

IJDSJ aims to critique, re-imagine, and develop new approaches to social justice for disabled people and to finding ways to build inclusive environments, technologies and societies. Given the Journal’s emphasis on social justice, many contributions draw on ideas developed in a variety of fields, including socio-legal studies and human rights; critical sociologies; political science; ethics; inclusive education, management studies, and so on.

On the journal collection, users of ScienceOpen can see most of our tools in action, among which one of our latest additions: the promotional banners. Banners give publishers the opportunity to communicate important messages to their readers through our collection interface.

Banner in action at the article landing page on the IJDSJ collection.

Are you interested in publishing in IJDSJ? Explore the journal’s content on ScienceOpen and then click the ‘Submit a Manuscript’ button to learn about how to submit your research to the journal.

Join ScienceOpen in 2023!

We are constantly upgrading our digital infrastructure and we are very glad to see our network expand even further in 2023, with exciting new prospective publishers joining. If you are a publisher looking for new ways to promote your content, we would love to have you on board!

Contact us today and we will gladly give you a brief demonstration of our services and how we can tailor them to your specific requirements.

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