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Success Stories of 2022 – Journal of Systems Thinking

Success Stories of 2022 – Journal of Systems Thinking

As we approach the new year, we would like to continue highlighting some of the successful collaborations of 2022, which will serve as inspiration for our work in the coming year and future partnerships in 2023.

Let us celebrate open science and open peer review today by revisiting the Journal of Systems Thinking collection.

Open Peer Reviewing on Systems Thinking

The Journal of Systems Thinking (JoST) is the first and only open-access post-publication peer-reviewed (PPPR) journal dedicated to basic scientific research, innovation, and public understanding in the areas of Systems Thinking (cognitive complexity), Systems Mapping (visual complexity), Systems Leadership (organizational complexity), and Systems Science (ontological complexity). 

Authors interested in the field of Systems Thinking are invited to submit a manuscript to the open peer review system for JoST, which will be posted as a “preprint” for open peer review and discussion. Editors and authors can then invite expert reviewers, including members of the ScienceOpen community, to review and comment on preprints, which have their own Crossref DOIs and can be easily cited and tracked.

Authors can then revise their work in response to reviewer comments, and the article’s history allows readers to track its progress through to final publication. The final decision for publication lies with the Editors of JoST. 

Once an article is accepted it will be professionally published and distributed to a range of services by ScienceOpen, including long-term archiving through CLOCKSS, Google Scholar metatags, and support with indexing services for the widest possible distribution.

We invite you to start reviewing today some of the preprints in the JoST and celebrate ScienceOpen’s built-in infrastructure for open, post-publication peer review, which has been used and improved since 2014.

Join ScienceOpen in 2023!

We are constantly upgrading our digital infrastructure, and we are very glad to see our network expand even further in 2023, with exciting new prospective publishers joining.

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