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Success Stories of 2022 – R2OM Conference

Success Stories of 2022 – R2OM Conference

Celebrate with us the countdown towards 2022, as we promote some of the most successful collaborations of 2022 on ScienceOpen.

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R2OM Conference – Challenges in Metadata Communication

This year, we had the pleasure of gathering experts from the library and publishing industries to discuss metadata communication challenges within (Open Access) publishing processes.

ScienceOpen, in collaboration with HTWK Leipzig, organized the Road to Open Meta Conference on September 12, 2022, which featured a diverse program of presentations and discussions from experts from COUNTER, Crossref, OAPEN, BASE, and the University of Michigan Press.

During the R2OM Conference we had the chance to hear from some of industry’s best, with presentations that explored the questions of what makes communicating metadata difficult , how to overcome these barriers, and how open access is changing the way metadata is used to evaluate research.

R2OM also brought together various representatives of organizations and institutions funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), who had the opportunity to present the outcomes of their projects at the conference.

Below, we are presenting posters from different BMBF-funded projects, which can be accessed at the Road to Open Meta collection on ScienceOpen.

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