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Celebrate diversity of Research – Happy Chinese New Year

Celebrate diversity of Research – Happy Chinese New Year

As the Chinese New Year draws near, we at ScienceOpen are grateful to have established during the past years a large network of partnerships with Chinese researchers, research institutions, and Universities, which have brought important scholarship to our platform and  helped make ScienceOpen more inclusive and diverse.

The integration of Chinese scholarship in our network has also been facilitated through the successful collaboration between ScienceOpen and Compuscript, an international provider for publishing services which supports Chinese researchers and publishers and contributes to the mission of global open science.

There are plenty of Chinese scholarly journals on ScienceOpen and today we want to celebrate the diversity of our collections. #HappyNewYear

New collaborations in 2022

During the last year we have had many new journals joining ScienceOpen, and older collaborations advancing forwards, with a lot of open-access research enriching our network of over 83 million publications.

Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications switched from its previous Ingenta implementation to ScienceOpen’s open-access hosting services in order to increase visibility even further, taking advantage of our innovative infrastructure and services such as Crossref DOI deposit, integration with ORCID, metadata delivery to indexing services, extensive analytics, and open post-publication review infrastructure.

CVIA publishes as a fully open-access journal and provides scholars with the latest insights relating to coronary artery disease, heart failure, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, and other related fields of research.

Radiology Science joined ScienceOpen as an open-access journal focusing on radiology science and technology interdisciplinary studies, bringing original research, letters, clinical trials, reviews, and clinical guidelines in disciplines related to radiology.

By publishing cutting-edge studies with translational and clinical potential, the journal aims to provide clinicians and physicians with biomedical engineering and computer science tools and solutions. 

Hematology and Oncology Discovery adds to our list of new Chinese scholarly journals, featuring additional open-access research in medical sciences, with a focus on hematology and oncology research. Their scholarship ranges from the basic laboratory through translational to clinical investigations.

Published for nearly 5 decades, China Occupational Medicine is another great addition to our network from the past year, providing our network with research that focuses on reporting new achievements, progress, technology, and experience in the fields of occupational health, occupational medicine, and occupational disease prevention.

ScienceOpen has provided China Occupational Medicine Journal with indexing services, helped unify COM’s publisher information and streamlined license information.

Acta Materia Medica provides an open platform for rapid publication of the latest findings, approaches, and viewpoints related to all related areas of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, including, but not limited to, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacy, etc. ScienceOpen supports AMM Journal with hosting services and scholars interested in AMM’s scholarship can easily share, recommend or download articles directly from the article page in ScienceOpen, in .pdf or .xml formats.

In 2022, the Journal of Modern Nanotechnology also joined ScienceOpen, publishing open-access publications in the field of nanoscience or nanoengineering. JMN’s full-text content is now integrated into our ever-growing database, and with our wide range of tools for author engagement and outreach, the journal is well-equipped to promote the scientific advancements of academics and technicians in the field of nanotechnology.

Research covering a wide range of academic disciplines

Chinese science is on the rise, however, Chinese publications face considerable challenges, both structural and cultural, when it comes to communicating science to non-Chinese communities. The mission of ScienceOpen is to remove these obstacles and open Chinese research to a wider audience.

Since its creation, ScienceOpen has worked with many publishers from China and below we present some of our long-standing collaborations:

The journal of Chinese Journal of General Practice (CJGP) is the first professional periodical of general practice in China, which broadly advances primary health care, general practice and family medicine in rapid health system reform and development. ScienceOpen has been indexing content from CGP since 2018, and we continue to support the journal with dissemination and promotion of their content.

When it comes to medical research, there is often dissonance between theory and practice. The biomedical sciences journal, BIO Integration, has been created to fill this niche, helping bridge academia, clinicians, and industry and has chosen ScienceOpen as a publishing platform since its creation back in 2020.

As an open-access journal, BIO Integration is an inclusive forum that promotes communication between scientific ideas and clinical needs.

Zoonoses was established in 2021 as a gold open access, peer-reviewed journal for research scientists, physicians, veterinarians, and public health professionals working on diverse disciplinaries of zoonotic diseases. By providing hosting services for Zoonoses, ScienceOpen has been supporting the interdisciplinary scope of the Journal in the ScienceOpen platform and beyond.

Discover More!

We invite you to explore our list of Chinese journals, find your favorite publications and don’t forget to follow the collections and recommend them to fellow ScienceOpen users.

Our list of Chinese Journals includes also:

If you would like to learn more about ScienceOpen discovery and content marketing solutions and get a quote for your journals and books, please contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper.

With our diverse collection of journals, and the technological infrastructure to support multi-dimensional search, community curation, and researcher networking, we wish to see ScienceOpen grow bigger with new publications and users from China in the upcoming year.

Happy Chinese New Year! – 春节快乐

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