Promotional Banners on ScienceOpen – Try it out now!

Promotional Banners on ScienceOpen – Try it out now!

You want to grab each reader’s attention to highlight a call for papers, a new journal or a special offer? ScienceOpen has a new solution with promotional banners on all of your content.

As mentioned in our new year blog, in the past weeks our developers have been hard at work creating a new system of “do-it-yourself” banners, that allows publishers working with ScienceOpen to add a banner to each article page within a particular collection on ScienceOpen.

Banners can be used to promote different events or programs supported by the publisher, highlight a conference, promoting call for papers, new articles, and book titles, etc.

Currently in beta, we developed this feature for our hosted journals but have now rolled it out for all collections on ScienceOpen. ScienceOpen is constantly upgrading its infrastructure, adding new tools that help both publishers and authors gain more visibility in our discovery network of over 83 million publications.

Open you content to new audiences

If you are not sure what you would use this new banner functionality for ion ScienceOpen, we have some ideas for you! We are pleased to share some examples from publishers that have already made the most out of this beta-feature.

Promoting Open Access Initiatives

Pluto Journals for example has been using the banner to promote its fundraising efforts for keeping the fully open-access policy on all of its journals. As an Open Access publisher, Pluto Journals offers free and unlimited access to the full text of all articles from their international collection of social science journals, and the authors publishing with Pluto Journals don’t pay an author processing charge (APC’s).  

Check out the banner and don’t forget to show your support for Pluto Journals!

Banner in action at the Work Organization, Labour and Globalization article: Trajectories of liberalization on the European industrial relations systems : A comparative study

You can choose to donate to your preferred Pluto Journal by clicking the banner ad on any article within that journal.

Promoting a Call for Papers

On the Climate Change and Human Health collection by PLOS, ScienceOpen users are invited to learn more about the benefits of publishing with PLOS and the requirements for submitting a publication in to their journals.

Each of the high-quality, peer-reviewed articles published in PLOS’s Open Access journals is made available online immediately upon publication and is freely accessible to anyone on the internet, allowing them to reach the widest possible audience and have the greatest possible impact in their respective fields of study.

This is a very good chance to discover the Climate Change and Human Health Collection and contribute to the inter-disciplinary research scope of this collection:

The Journal of Urban Archaeology by Brepols on ScienceOpen has chosen to use the banners for a general promotion of their journal.

The banner in action at the article Comacchio and Early Medieval Urbanism in Italy

There are many other ways the banners can be useful in your collection. Try it out now and let us know how we can make this feature better.

Other publishers that have been using the banners include:

AJERNET for the promotion of their manuscript submission system.

Karger’s Neuroscience and Neurology Collection for the promotion of their pioneer issue on ‘COVID-19, Hormones and Brain’ and the call for papers.

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A requirement for using this feature on ScienceOpen is to be a publisher partner and to have one or more Collections within the discovery environment. Collections can be dedicated to a single journal or a topic that encompasses multiple journals, books, chapters, and conference proceedings. Here are a few examples:

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