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NEW: European Investment Bank publications on ScienceOpen

NEW: European Investment Bank publications on ScienceOpen

The European Investment Bank is the lending arm of the European Union, the world’s largest multilateral financial institution and a major provider of climate, infrastructure, innovation and development finance. The Bank publishes a wide range of open-access publications, including reports, studies, books, essays, and other policy documents, aimed at professionals and the general public.

Users of ScienceOpen can now access publications by the European Investment Bank (EIB) through the new research collection, which includes open and freely accessible publications covering the Bank’s activities and a wide range of research disciplines.

The publications are critical in supporting the Bank’s operations. They analyse the changing economic context, investment opportunities, and risks, and help to define the bank’s positioning, strategy and policy in Europe and the rest of the world.

ScienceOpen is supporting the European Investment Bank’s mission by placing its research in the context of over 82 million scholarly publications, assisting with research dissemination, and promoting the knowledge generated by the Bank on our research and discovery network and beyond.

Exploring the new collection by the European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank’s publications act as a catalyst for better understanding the challenges of investing in Europe’s economy.

The EIB collection on ScienceOpen will provide a glimpse of the Bank’s research, allowing the scholarly community to better understand the EIB’s mission, strategies and activities.

By making this content freely accessible to the academic community, the European Investment Bank demonstrates its commitment to disseminating the valuable information found in its research, strategy documents, essays, and annual reports.

We invite you to explore the new collection through some of the publications highlighted below, and we encourage all of our users to follow the European Investment Bank on ScienceOpen for more important research that will be added to the collection soon.

Highlighted articles:

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