Publish your poster on ScienceOpen

Publish your poster on ScienceOpen

Fast, free and easy! ScienceOpen has been publishing open access conference posters for years with over 500 posters currently accesible on the platform.

Our poster collection covers a wide range of disciplines, and with conference season coming up, it is an excellent medium for promoting research by early career researchers. The ScienceOpen network will promote your work, exposing it to input from various scholarly circles and researcher communities.

You can submit your poster through our simple manuscript submission portal by just clicking the “Submit a manuscript” button on the ScienceOpen Posters Collection page.

Simply register on ScienceOpen with your ORCID, upload your poster PDF file and add metadata such as title, abstract and keywords plus a catchy image and you are ready to go!

We recently added a new editor to the poster collection. Nur Atmaca, ScienceOpen’s newest Editorial Assistant, will review your work before publication, and in no time, you will have access to a variety of tools that will boost your digital profile. After the poster is published with a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license and a Crossref Digital Object Identifier (DOI), researchers can easily share the published poster on social media and track usage on the article page.

Explore some of the most recent additions to the poster collection below:

Publish with ScienceOpen!

ScienceOpen offers services ranging from content hosting to repository software, promotion, and publishing. 

We welcome your posters and your feedback! Please write to us at so we can improve our service. 

In the meanwhile, gain some inspiration from some of our conference publishers and poster collections.

RExPO Conference Series – A one of kind opportunity to rank up knowledge and build up collaborations. Share your work with RExPO and get the chance to interact with other experts on drug repurposing.

IEREK Press – is a multidisciplinary publisher that aims to cultivate and disseminate academic research concerning a multitude of academic disciplines. Explore proceedings from various conferences and disciplines on the IEREK Press Collection.

Electronic Workshops in Computing (eWiC) – eWiC series offers you a window on the academic conference proceedings and workshops taking place around the world, with full open access to every featured event.

Road 2 Open Meta –  the output collection for the Road 2 Open Meta Conference (R2OM) that was held in Leipzig in September 2022 bringing together experts from the library and publishing industry to discuss challenges of metadata communication within (Open Access) publishing processes.

Society for Scholarly Publishing: Annual Meeting Poster Collection – brings together academics, funders, librarians, publishers, service providers, technologists, and countless others with a communal interest and stake in the dissemination of scholarly information.

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