Gain full control of your search results on ScienceOpen

Gain full control of your search results on ScienceOpen

Research can result in frustration when we spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to use various research discovery platforms. We can also agree that scholarly work requires a lot of time spent trying to find the right keywords or staying up to date on a topic generated by a combination of different keywords. And if unlucky, one single click on the refresh button can take you right back to where you started.

That is a challenge indeed, but at the same time it has encouraged ScienceOpen to regularly improve and innovate its search engine, resulting in an efficient and user-friendly tool that helps you navigate among our discovery environment of nearly 85 million publications.

As new content gets aggregated on a daily basis on ScienceOpen, researchers can combine different search filters and discovery tools to make their own search collection, which can be saved and easily adapted in the future.  

ScienceOpen’s Save Search functionality will save you precious time and will make it easier to focus on your research project.

Ready, set, go!

We take great pride in our search engine capabilities, as they are a product of regular upgrades and new ideas generated from feedback from our customers, users, as well as recent trends and needs arising in the scholarly publishing community.

With our wide range of filters you can create a customized search which covers your exact research interests, save the search in your profile and gain real-time updates as new content is integrated into our platform.

By saving a search result, you can get full access to different publishers, academic perspectives, and knowledge created in various countries and research institutions from all over the world. This can help you with your academic work and cross the barriers and the particularities of research work.

Have a look at how to Save your Search on ScienceOpen!

From researcher to collection editor

By saving a search collection, you are one step closer to becoming a collection editor on ScienceOpen. We give researchers in a certain field the chance to share the knowledge they have generated through our discovery and search functionalities with other scholars who might be interested in the same field.

ScienceOpen Collections provide community space for the curation, distribution and evaluation of scholarly information. They are thematic groups of preprints and peer-reviewed research papers drawn from a variety of publishers and journals.

To become a collection editor, identify an area of interest (your save search results can give you a hint on that) and get in touch with Nina Tscheke or the ScienceOpen Editorial Office. We will then provide all the customization and outreach tools that you will need for increasing the impact and viewership of your collection.

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