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Welcoming MIR Journal on ScienceOpen

Welcoming MIR Journal on ScienceOpen

The Microbiology Independent Research Journal (MIR Journal) is a new resource for academic researchers and professionals in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. MIR Journal publishes strictly peer-reviewed papers that cover novel aspects in microbiology and all its content will now be featured in a new bilingual journal collection on ScienceOpen.

ScienceOpen’s has laid out the optimal infrastructure for hosting MIR’s bilingual content, which will be showcased and contextualized among 84 million other publications via its interactive collection infrastructure.

The journal will feature articles both in English and Russian language, and thanks to our bilingual support infrastructure, users will be able to access articles in their preferred language faster and our services and promotional features will make research more accessible to diverse research communities.

Let’s explore the Microbiology Independent Research Journal in this blog together.

International research in Microbiology

The main goal of the MIR Journal is to provide broad international coverage of scientific results in microbiology and to make the journal content more accessible. All the papers are published in English and are freely available online in open access format to readers.

Access articles in both languages with a single click!

The interactive hosting interface of ScienceOpen has been customized for MIR Journal, and a quick translation button has been added to the ‘Version and Review History’ panel to allow a fast translation of articles from English to Russian.

This tool is one of many innovative features of ScienceOpen that help the dissemination of research to the global scholarly community and pave the way for the formation of international peer networks.

The devastating COVID 19 pandemic and spread of bacterial antibiotic resistance in recent years moved virology and bacteriology to the forefront of medical science in healthcare. Infectious agents do not recognize country borders and close worldwide cooperation between scientists and medical personnel is necessary to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens. The main objective of the MIR Journal is to provide broad international coverage of scientific results in virology, bacteriology, and mycology and to extend the accessibility of these results to a worldwide scientific audience.

Dr. Julia Romanova – Editor-in-Chief of MIR Journal

MIR Journal’s publications cover novel aspects in microbiology including virology, bacteriology, and mycology, and below you can have a glimpse from their content through the titles highlighted by the journal editors for ScienceOpen:

Multilingual hosting support

ScienceOpen can help you reach beyond your journal webpage, whether you would like to promote a single journal with the goal of increasing submissions or create a topical Collection around multiple journals to highlight your publisher brand.

Open up your publications to a global research community and let our platform and search engine do the rest to make it available to the world!

Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you would be interested in our publishing solutions.

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