Welcoming Wachholtz Verlag on ScienceOpen

Welcoming Wachholtz Verlag on ScienceOpen

April can be considered as the month of books in the digital publishing world, thanks to the London Book Fair and all the conversations that surround it. ScienceOpen is happy to mark its participation at the London Book Fair this year with the exciting news of a new addition to our network. We are pleased to see our book content grow bigger and to welcome Wacholtz Verlag to our list of distinguished publishers.

Wachholtz Verlag will now host a collection of Open Access book titles on ScienceOpen that will benefit fully from ScienceOpen’s cutting-edge metadata management tools and Open Access hosting solutions.

With ScienceOpen, Open Access books are hosted directly within a discovery environment with over 9 million book and book chapter records in a network of over 85 million publications.

State-of-the-art platform for OA books

Wachholtz Verlag is a contemporary academic publisher with a distinguished record of publications in the humanities, particularly history, archeology, literature, philosophy, and geography.

“Science” has its Latin roots in the word scire “know”. At ScienceOpen we embrace knowledge in all its forms and flavors and welcome a wide range of disciplines and content types.

Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen’s CEO

Wachholtz’s interdisciplinary book scholarship will now be promoted  in the context of our network in the form of a featured collection, where users and scholars can access high-quality book titles, while also being able to include our extensive multidimensional discovery tools in their research process.

Being future-oriented, Wachholtz focuses on Open Access-publications which are gathered in this new ScienceOpen collection.

Our network will provide support with the distribution and promotion of such important scholarship, while Wachholtz will continue striving for meaningful contributions to discourses in the humanities and cultural sciences.

Celebrate with us this new addition and explore the collection through some of the editor picks below:

Don’t forget to follow the collection, recommend it to fellow peers and users of ScienceOpen and to share with us your favorite book titles!

Meet ScienceOpen at London Book Fair!

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If you will be attending the London Book Fair this year and would like to meet with Stuart Cooper to learn more about our services, feel free to contact Stuart for a personal meeting.

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