Explore the new volume of AsiaChem

Explore the new volume of AsiaChem

The Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) is a federation of 32 chemical societies of countries and territories in the Asia Pacific, aiming to promote the advancement and appreciation of chemistry and the interests of professional chemists in the region.

ScienceOpen is the proud hosting platform for FACS’ official magazine AsiaChem, which comprises diverse articles on cutting-edge science, history, essays, interviews, and anything that would interest the broad readership within the chemical sciences.

The 3rd volume of AsiaChem is now live and researchers can easily read all the articles of AsiaChem, recommend and share their favorite titles through ScienceOpen and learn more about Chemistry in India.

AsiaChem Volume 3 – Chemistry in India

As of today, all cutting-edge science articles, together with interviews, and essays of the 3rd volume will be available on ScienceOpen, providing an impressive showcase of chemistry in India. Chemistry enthusiasts can read about the Evolution of Chemistry for Precision Engineering of Proteins, Chemical Approaches to Tackle the Silent Pandemic of Antibiotic Resistance, Iatrochemical and Alchemical Knowledge in Medieval India, and more interesting articles like this.

The global economy’s center of gravity is gradually shifting from North America and Europe to Asia. And this trend also matches the increasing significance of Asian contribution to international science.

– Professor Dr. Ehud Keinan, Editor-in-Chief of AsiaChem

AsiaChem is a great way to keep track of the latest updates and interventions of the Federation, as well as new collaborations and developments coming from the member Chemical Societies.

ScienceOpen’s infrastructure allows readers to easily download their articles of interest as PDF, add them to their collections or share easily via e-mail or social media. All articles are open-access and aim to facilitate collaboration among chemists across the Asian continent and beyond.

Explore AsiaChem’s 3rd Volume and follow the collection to stay up-to-date.

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