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New scholarship from European University Presses and the AEUP

New scholarship from European University Presses and the AEUP

We recently announced a new collaboration with the Association of European University Presses (AEUP) to provide AEUP members with a new catalogue service based on DOIs.

Today, we are pleased to launch this new catalogue, which will take the form of a featured collection on ScienceOpen, where content from AEUP members will be aggregated and added on a regular basis, showcasing important European scholarship from over 46 university presses spread across 18 European countries.

Association of European University Presses (AEUP) on ScienceOpen

Sharing knowledge on a European level

AEUP’s mission is to raise the visibility of its member presses while also sharing knowledge and support about scholarly publishing. ScienceOpen will support AEUP’s knowledge distribution mission by providing cutting-edge publishing services and facilitating communication between AEUP members and scholarly circles in Europe and beyond.

AEUP members who are not yet depositing DOIs for books and chapters can now use the free BookMetaHub metadata management services to easily create Crossref-ready XML files.

Our automation technology and supporting discovery and dissemination tools will integrate AEUP’s catalogue into the larger context of our network, which includes more than 85 million publications and content from more than 31 million authors. AEUP’s digital catalogue on ScienceOpen will include a significant multilingual addition to our list and content from University Presses, with over 9600 new titles, out of which over 2500 are open-access.  

Exploring the new AEUP collection:

Let’s welcome the Association of European University Presses on ScienceOpen together! Follow the new collection, recommend your favorite titles to fellow peers and scholars, and follow us on social media for the latest updates on new collections and content coming soon in our network.

AEUP goes ScienceOpen

In the next two days, on May 16th and 17th, AEUP will organize its 3rd conference discussing how current rapid scientific, technological, political and security developments affect institutional publishing.

ScienceOpen’s CEO Stephanie Dawson will be attending the conference and have a chance to explain more in detail our new collaboration and how AEUP will benefit from our catalogue services.

Make sure to follow the conference under the #AEUP23 hashtag and get a chance to learn more about how institutional publishing can best operate in these nervous times.

2023 3rd AEUP Conference – AEUP

Hosting and discovery services for university presses

University Presses are at the center of the global knowledge ecosystem. We publish works and provide services that benefit a wide range of scholarly networks, including researchers, teachers, students, librarians, and the rest of the university community.

ScienceOpen has the right offer for you, and it can easily tailor all of its services to your publishing needs and we would really like to work with you on your next publishing project. Contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper for more information, a live demo or a quote for your project.

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