ScienceOpen and Altmetric™ cooperate on REPO4EU Open Science publishing portal

ScienceOpen and Altmetric™ cooperate on REPO4EU Open Science publishing portal

ScienceOpen is teaming up with Altmetric™ to provide rich alternative metrics for REPO4EU’s Open Science publishing portal Drug Repurposing Central.

Altmetric Badges on all preprints and articles will track and aggregate online attention, complementing traditional indicators of research quality and impact in line with the EU Open Science Policy.

REPO4EU stands for Precision drug REPurpOsing For EUrope and the world. The aim of the project is to ultimately host and grow an EU industry-level online platform for drug repurposing with a global reach to move the industry from imprecise drug therapy to precision medicine. The platform will provide expertise throughout the whole value chain in drug repurposing: from freedom-to-operate analysis to intellectual property protection and business development, health technology assessment, ethics, and data governance considerations.

As a member of the REPO4EU consortium, ScienceOpen will provide the technology and run the Drug Repurposing Central publishing portal.

Open research communication must be fast and agile. Citations are one powerful metric for assessing research impact but there are many more channels and social media networks available for communication that can play an important role. We believe strongly that a platform must provide a rich context for each publication including alternative metrics.

Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen CEO

Altmetric™, part of Digital Science, is the industry leader in tracking, measuring, and visualizing online attention around research publication. Featuring a variety of colors representing the different sources tracked, Altmetric Badges provide a unique and instantly recognizable at-a-glance summary of the attention for an individual publication.

Every Altmetric Badge includes an Altmetric Attention Score, a weighted count designed to help demonstrate the level of influence of a published work, and links through to an Altmetric details page, which provides a collated record of all the original mentions of the publication.

We’re excited to partner with ScienceOpen and REPO4EU on this worthy initiative, which supports open science and the translation of that science to public benefit through healthcare. Altmetric is pleased to be playing its role by demonstrating the reach, visibility, and wider influence of research to the world.

Catherine Williams, Managing Director, Data & Analytics at Digital Science

This new implementation will help advance Open Science and promote a more comprehensive understanding of research quality and impact in drug repurposing scholarly networks, and beyond.

By supporting and promoting new metrics, REPO4EU, ScienceOpen and Altmetric™ together
play a crucial role in advancing the European Union’s Open Science Policy goals and showcasing
best-practices to respond to rapidly changing demands of the digital publishing environment.

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