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ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – May 2023

ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – May 2023

Welcome to ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest, where we recap our achievements of the past month and share with you the most recent updates from our network, as well as announce new upcoming exciting collaborations.

In May, ScienceOpen’s network kept growing bigger, with over 300.000 new publications added, among which hundred thousands of articles, conference proceedings, over 7.000 books and 45.000 additional book chapters.

Promoting progress towards the SDGs

Our scholarship saw an important addition with the integration of all EDP Sciences research relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals, which is now embeeded in a special collection in our network.

The new featured collection, EDP Sciences: UN SDGs research collection, features interdisciplinary research from seven EDP Sciences journals, as well as proceedings from BIO Web of Conferences, the E3S Web of Conferences series, and a large number of open access books, all of which support various Agenda 2030 goals.

Titles featured in this collection will play an important role in promotional campaigns to follow, highlighting significant advances under each SDG, as well as innovations in a variety of disciplines, including aquaculture, social-ecological systems, renewable energy, photovoltaics, sustainability, natural sciences, life sciences, sociology, engineering and research processes, energy conservation and sustainability, policy issues and education for sustainable environment, climatology and soil sciences.

What are you waiting for? Start exploring over 7000 publications in this new collection and follow the collection for new exciting updates!

New book collection by Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing

More exciting content! More books!

Another addition which supports the promotion of progress towards the SDGs is the new addition of the Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing collection, which features valuable content in agriculture and food science discpilines.

ScienceOpen is showcasing the content provided by Burleigh Dodds Science in an interactive manner thanks to its cutting-edge collection infrastructure, which includes plenty of discovery and dissemination services, as well as innovative search shortcuts.

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing empowers individuals and organizations to implement innovative solutions and make a tangible impact on issues such as food security, resource efficiency, and biodiversity conservation by facilitating access to cutting-edge research.

Have a look at some of the newest books in the collection and share your favorite titles with us:

Two new journals by Eleven

ScienceOpen has designed an optimal infrastructure for digital publishers, catering to a wide range of specifications in a rapidly changing digital publishing environment. This infrastructure allows for cross-language discovery, professional hosting or indexing, metadata management and optimization, and distribution services.

Articles from the International Journal of Restorative Justice and Politics of the Low Countries are now enriching our network of 85 million publications and adding new scholarly disciplines on ScienceOpen.

The International Journal of Restorative Justice aims to contribute to the development of restorative justice by discussing its diverse, challenging, and innovative facets, as well as to encourage fruitful discussions and debates. 

Politics of the Low Countries is the another journal published by Eleven, which provides scientific insights in Belgian and Dutch politics. The journal has a comprehensive scope, embracing all the major political developments in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Sharing knowledge on a European level

We recently announced a new collaboration with the Association of European University Presses (AEUP) to provide AEUP members with a new catalogue service based on DOIs, and we recently launched this catalogue with all of its remarkable content.

Our automation technology and supporting discovery and dissemination tools have integrated AEUP’s catalogue into the larger context of our network, which includes more than 85 million publications and content from more than 31 million authors. 

AEUP’s digital catalogue on ScienceOpen includes a significant multilingual addition to our list and content from University Presses, with over 9600 new titles, out of which over 2500 are open-access.  

Explore content from over 46 University Presses across Europe:

Support and solidarity with Sudanese Researchers!

Have you read our blog about Sudan and ways how you can support Sudanese people and researchers in such difficult times?

We have launched a collection research dedicated to research related and originating from Sudan, which will keep showcasing scholarly excellence from Sudan as a demonstration of solidarity with researchers who are unable to continue their work.

If you are interested in supporting Sudanese researchers and scholars, we invite you to consider a contribution for the Sudanese Researchers Foundation and their journal, the African Journal of Engineering & Technology (AJET).

You could contribute to SRF and AJET via PayPal below:

Donate to SRF and AJET

Stay up-to-date with ScienceOpen!

In May among other additions, Asia Chem published the third Volume of the Magazine, focusing on promotion of advances in Chemistry coming from India.

AsiaChem is a great way to keep track of the latest updates and interventions of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies, as well as new collaborations and developments coming from the member Chemical Societies.

And don’t forget to have a look at our video from last week’s webinar, which guides all interested scholars and publishers on how book metadata can be enriched using the BookMetaHub.

The full video of the webinar you can access, below, and while you are at it, follow us on YouTube to stay updated with new videos from ScienceOpen!

Share with us on social media your favorite ScienceOpen collection, scholarly titles, and your favorite publishers on ScienceOpen.

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