Solidarity with Sudanese researchers and the Sudanese people

Solidarity with Sudanese researchers and the Sudanese people

ScienceOpen expresses its support for Sudan in light of recent events and is committed to providing an open channel for Sudanese research and scholarly outputs amid all the difficulties.

Research from Sudan – ScienceOpen

To support our Sudanese partners, academics, and scholarly communities, we are launching a collection of research related to and originating from Sudan. We have been working closely with Sudanese researchers in the past and aim to continue promoting scholarly excellence from Sudan as a demonstration of solidarity with scholars who are unable to continue their work due to conflict.

In this new collection you can find academic outputs from and about Sudan and stay updated with recent scholarly developments in the country. Hoping to see our partners, scholars and the people in Sudan return to normality soon, we invite you to show your support for the Sudanese Researchers Foundation (SRF), which has been encouraging research and innovation in Sudan since 2009 and continues to do so, amid the difficulties.

We will work hard through our networks and scientific, research and academic institutions all over the world to urge the international community to stand by our people in their legitimate struggle and protect our people from the oppression and overbearing of the military and militias.

Statement from Sudanese researchers, academics and university professors

Show your support for Sudanese Researchers!

If you are interested in supporting Sudanese researchers and scholars, we invite you to consider a contribution for the Sudanese Researchers Foundation and their journal, the African Journal of Engineering & Technology (AJET).

You could contribute to SRF and AJET via PayPal below:

Donate to SRF and AJET

If you want to give a contribution for organizations that are providing humanitarian help in Sudan, we have gathered some important links below.

Important links for supporting humanitarian efforts in Sudan

Show your support for Sudan and the Sudanese people.

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