6 new journals by Amsterdam University Press on ScienceOpen

6 new journals by Amsterdam University Press on ScienceOpen

Amsterdam University Press is expanding its ScienceOpen collection by adding 6 new journals that cover a variety of disciplines and provide research articles in both English and Dutch.

ScienceOpen will provide an interactive platform for the promotional presence of all the journals in our network and give access to our wide range of promotional and discovery tools.

ScienceOpen’s interface will support journal editors and give them extra tools that can help manage and analyze the journal’s readership as well as article-level metrics.

Join us in welcoming the new journals by Amsterdam University Press and get a chance to explore them one by one on our blog today!

Computational Communication Research

Chart explaining Content of Videos in the article: ‘The Pervasive Presence of Chinese Government Content on Douyin Trending Videos‘.

Computational Communication Research is an online only journal that encourages and facilitates the sharing of latest developments in computational tools and methods, and the application of computational methods to answer theoretical questions about (human) communication.

CCR facilitates the timely generation and distribution of computational research outputs among peers with shared interest and enhance the significance and visibility of computational methods in communication research.

Benefit from ScienceOpen’s wide range of discovery and search tools, and find articles relevant for your research in the CCR collection on ScienceOpen:

Journal of European Landscapes

Journal of European Landscapes is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal launched to accelerate research and free information exchange in European landscape research. Landscape is often described as a typical European theme, which is increasingly studied on a European level. However, there is no journal that focuses on the international dimensions of landscape and heritage.

The Journal of European Landscapes fills this gap that exists between the international dimensions of landscape and heritage by stimulating and promoting both empirical research and reflexive thinking on the history and heritage of the landscapes of Europe.

Explore the Journal of European Landscapes and its diamond open access content through some  highlighted titles below:  

European Journal of Theology

The European Journal of Theology is a scholarly evangelical journal, exploring the faith once delivered to the saints, the Gospel, in response to the rapid transformations in post-Christian Europe. EJT is published by the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians, whose aim is the innovation of Christianity in Europe through the promotion and encouragement of the study of evangelical theology. EJT is offered as a service to the evangelical theological community and to the wider church.

The European Journal of Theology is offered as a service to the evangelical theological community and to the wider church. 

Discover EJT’s content in the new ScienceOpen Journal collection, which has provided all the cutting-edge infrastructure for rapid dissemination and facilitates scholarly communication in Theology and other relevant fields:

NTT Journal for Theology and the Study of Religion

NTT Journal for Theology and the Study of Religion has a broad scope and welcomes contributions from religious studies, theology, and a wide range of disciplines within the humanities and the social sciences which investigate religions and religious phenomena.

The journal regularly publishes special issues which discuss current topics in the study of religion.

Recent special issues focussed on the study of religion today, freedom and servitude in Jewish and Christian Traditions, Paul Tillich: a theology for the 21st century, the contemplative turn in theology, and the future of religious studies and theology in the Netherlands.

Explore NTT’s issues on ScienceOpen and get a glimpse of the scholarship that NTT offers through some of the editor’s picks below:

Heritage, Memory and Conflict Journal (HMC)

Heritage, Memory and Conflict Journal (HMC) is an international, peer-reviewed, diamond open-access Journal that critically analyses the tangible and intangible remnants, traces and spaces of the past in the present, as well as the remaking of pasts into heritage and memory, including processes of appropriations and restitutions, significations and musealization and mediatisation.

This interdisciplinary journal addresses the dynamics of memory and forgetting, as well as the politics of trauma, mourning and reconciliation, identity, nationalism and ethnicity, heritage preservation and restoration, material culture, conservation and management, conflict archaeology, dark tourism, diaspora and postcolonial memory, terrorscapes, migration, borders, and the mediated re-enactments of conflicted pasts.

HMC aims to offer an interdisciplinary space for the rich scholarship in these fields, and to contribute to a better understanding of the extent to which memory sites and discourses operate as vehicles at local, national and transnational levels.

Poster by students from María Ana Mogas School (in Mataderos, Buenos Aires City). Source: Memory Park Website. – Memory, art and intergenerational transmission. Artistic practices with young people in memory sites in Argentina

Maandblad voor Accountancy en Bedrijfseconomie (MAB)

MAB (Journal of Accountancy and Business Economics) is a renowned scientific journal, which has been in existence since 1924 and aims to inform readers about theoretical and practical aspects of, and developments in accountancy.

MAB publishes research articles on business economics and related knowledge areas, as far as relevant for accountants. In doing so, it focuses on scientifically trained accountants, controllers and business economists and on everyone who has professional interest in the subjects dealt with.

MAB is an open access peer-reviewed VABB-SHW (Flemish Academic Bibliography for the Social Sciences and Humanities) recognized journal with contributions in Dutch and English and below you can have a look at some highlighted titles from the journal which adds important bilingual scholarship in our network:

Amsterdam University Press on ScienceOpen

With all these important new additions, the Amsterdam University Press’ scholarship on ScienceOpen grows to an impressive collection of over 12.000 publications, providing the go-to source for researchers and scholars in social sciences and humanities.

We invite you to discover for yourself all the titles and innovation that AUP has to offer and don’t forget to follow and recommend the collection to your colleagues.

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