Explore multilingual content on ScienceOpen

Explore multilingual content on ScienceOpen

Opening up your content to new audiences by building language bridges is easy – ScienceOpen’s platform supports multilingual content and allows users and publishers to make use of the ScienceOpen interface to create multilingual versions of their metadata including e.g. translated titles, keywords, abstracts, and so on.

We take great pride in our network’s multilingual offering, and with 87 million publications, we see weekly more and more new content aggregated in different languages. Our infrastructure has been improved in recent months to allow for the easier integration of bilingual articles that users can access with a single click.

Let us present some of our interesting collections and start exploring for yourself as soon as you finish reading this blog!

Open Access content by Radboud University Press

Radboud University Press is one of the most prestigious University Presses in Europe, with its diamond open access scholarship helping advance research in a wide range of disciplines. Radboud mission is to make scientific knowledge more freely accessible worldwide by making high-quality journals and books affordable for writers and their audiences.

On ScienceOpen Radboud University Press presents a diverse collection of books and articles from various journals in English, Dutch and French. Explore the book collection, or the bilingual content from the journals: Handelingen, Relief – Revue électronique de littérature française, or Religie & Samenleving.

Theology studies, literature and other disciplines in social sciences are covered by the content in all Radboud University Press’ journals and the book collection, featuring in total over one thousand publications.

Books by RUP:

Books by Wachholtz Verlag

Wachholtz is a modern academic publisher with a long history. As an international and multilingual publisher Wachholtz works together with leading academic institutions, departments, collaborative research centres and clusters of excellence.

On Scienceopen, you can access interesting books in German and English and explore interesting viewpoints in history, archeology, and religion through Wachholtz’s open access book collection.

Collections by Hogrefe

Collections by Hogrefe on ScienceOpen represent a language-diverse portfolio of highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals in the fields of medicine, psychology, psychiatry, and mental health. With articles available mostly in English and German, there are a lot of publications that provide cutting-edge sources for your next research project.

We recommend the following titles:

ScienceOpen recently announced a new milestone in the collaboration with Hogrefe, which will promote important research and encourage open scholarly communication in topics related to sustainability through new collections of SDGs-related research published by Hogrefe. Learn more here.

Pluto Journals

The Pluto Journals super collection is the go-to collection for content in social sciences and humanities, as well as for open access multilingual content. Journals published by Pluto Journals and featured on ScienceOpen provide an interesting mix of content from various disciplines in various languages.

Discover articles in English and Arabic at Bethlehem University Journal, content about history and recent developments in Cuba in English and Spanish at the International Journal of Cuban Studies, or scholarship serving global politics and religious discourses in English, Portugese and Spanish at the Decolonial Horizons / Horizontes Decoloniales Journal Collection.

MIR Journal

The translation tool in action.

The Microbiology Independent Research Journal (MIR Journal) is a new resource for academic researchers and professionals in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industryMIR Journal publishes strictly peer-reviewed papers that cover novel aspects in microbiology and all its content is featured in a new bilingual journal collection on ScienceOpen.

The interactive hosting interface of ScienceOpen has been customized for MIR Journal, and a quick translation button has been added to the ‘Version and Review History’ panel to allow a fast translation of articles from English to Russian.

MIR Journal’s publications cover novel aspects in microbiology including virology, bacteriology, and mycology.

The translation tools integrated in the MIR Journal article-landing pages, is one of many innovative features of ScienceOpen that help the dissemination of research to the global scholarly community and pave the way for the formation of international peer networks.

SDG Research by EDP Sciences

Open access research published by EDP Sciences that supports the Sustainable Development Goals is now highlighted in a multilingual featured collection on our network, which includes some of EDP Sciences’ best journal articles, book titles, and conference proceedings.

The EDP Sciences: UN SDGs research collection demonstrates how ScienceOpen’s innovative infrastructure can be put in action for maximizing digital presence, while supporting mulilingual content integration as well as assisting in the quick dissemination of such content.

Explore the collection and hit that follow button for more updates and exciting additions to the EDP Sciences UN SDGs collection:

Other journals and bilingual content

Our multilingual content can be easily searched for through our search engine, where you can filter and sort search results through different filters and get the most out of your search results.

You can easily save a search on your ScienceOpen profile, export citations for your saved-search collection and benefit from our article-level citation export or bookmark button.

How to Save a search result on ScienceOpen?
How to export citation for your saved search collection?

For more multilingual content, we would recomend publications from:

Association of European University Presses (AEUP)

De Gruyter Materials Science

Pan African Medical Journal

UUM Press – Universiti Utara Malaysia

University of Maribor Press

Multilingual hosting support

ScienceOpen can help you reach beyond your journal webpage, whether you would like to promote a single journal with the goal of increasing submissions or create a topical Collection around multiple journals to highlight your publisher brand.

Open up your publications to a global research community and let our platform and search engine do the rest to make it available to the world!

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