Research fostering inclusion: Journal of Disability Research by KSCDR

Research fostering inclusion: Journal of Disability Research by KSCDR

Some months ago we announced the addition of new content on Disability Research by King Salman Center for Disability Research, which aims to foster a global platform for addressing disability through research and empowerment.

Today we are excited to see the collection of King Salman Center of Disability Research enriched with more quality research on disability studies, featured in the collection dedicated to the Journal of Disability Research on ScienceOpen.

The Journal of Disability Research, aims to play a significant role in disseminating disability research, thereby raising broader awareness of related issues. At the same it, it seeks to foster and stimulate innovative lines of research and highlight advancements made in various situations, particularly in mitigating the impact of life-restricting conditions wherever they occur.

We welcome the inaugural and first issue of the journal for 2023 in our network, which provides examples of biophysical research, complemented by articles exploring the manifestation of disabilitating pain, as well as targeted reviews that delve into fundamental aspects, such as lens alterations associated with gradual impaired vision and cartilage changes affecting mobility.

Understanding of the restrictions that disability can place upon an individual needs to be much more widely built into our psyche, with a need to develop aids that can help integrate those with disability into enjoying a more rewarding daily life. Urban planning and facilities that can aid social mobility also need to be much improved, actions that are not only restricted to town planning but also within the home.

D A Bradley, Editor in Chief
Explore the new issue by clicking here.

ScienceOpen users and scholars will now be able to easily interact and disseminate articles published by JDR and researchers are invited to contribute to the focus area and to the journal. The journal considers all original manuscripts that report scientifically sound research and provide a substantial amount of significant new information, welcoming both empirical work and theoretical framing.

If you are interested in submitting your own manuscript to the journal, have a look at the requirements outlined in the collection page on ScienceOpen and don’t forget to follow the collection for more exciting content coming soon.

In the meanwhile, join us in exploring the new issue by JDR and let’s have a look at all the articles featured in it!

Science Benefiting People!

With the KSCDR’s motto and objective, we hope to once more draw attention to the importance of research and scientific communication in providing better care, fostering inclusiveness, and celebrating diversity for people all around the world.

ScienceOpen is here to support any publisher or researcher that wants to open up and share the impact of their work with scholarly communities worldwide. If you have any idea on how our publishing services and publishing network of over 86 million publications can be of benefit to your work, the communities you represent or scholarly circles around you, get in touch with us and we would love to discuss those ideas in greater detail.

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