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ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – June 2023

ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest – June 2023

Welcome to ScienceOpen’s Monthly Digest, where we recap our achievements of the past month and share with you the most recent updates from our network, as well as announce new upcoming exciting collaborations.

Summer has come with great new additions to ScienceOpen and exciting new collaborations. Learn more below and don’t forget to follow us on social media.

Research on Toxicology from NVT

The Journal of the Netherlands Society of Toxicology (NVT) joined our network of prestigious publishers as the official journal of the society, with over 600 members across the Netherlands. The Netherlands Society of Toxicology (NVT) is one of the largest toxicological associations in Europe and the journal collection will feature quality research related to the field of toxicology that spans across various scientific disciplines.

Scholars and researchers interested in submitting their work for the Journal, can directly do so through the collection page on ScienceOpen. All you need to do is register for free on ScienceOpencheck the requirements for submitting your paper, and once you have your publication ready, click on the Submit a Manuscript button.

To get to know more about the Netherlands Society of Toxicology, we invite you to have a look at their most recent newsletter, and follow the collection on ScienceOpen for upcoming exciting publications.

Radical analysis of social processes in Africa

Established by a group of scholars and activists in the UK and Africa, the Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) journal is committed to understanding projects of radical transformation as well as patterns and processes of accumulation on various levels. All the analysis, original content and content promoting and supporting African voices will now be accessible freely on ScienceOpen, in a new dedicated collection.

ScienceOpen will support ROAPE with its full range of discovery services, bringing more scholars and researchers in contact with this important network. ScienceOpen users will be able to interact fully with the Journal’s content by bookmarking, recommending and easily sharing their favorite articles, while accelerating progress in various SDGs covered by different issues of the journal.

Follow the ROAPE Journal Collection and don’t forget to get the most out of our discovery services and tools on the journal and article-landing pages. 

On the new collection by ROAPE you can explore articles similar to the titles highlighted below:

6 new journals by Amsterdam University Press

ScienceOpen is a freely accessible online platform where everyone can read and access books and papers from a network of over 85 million publications.

In June our collaboration with Amsterdam University Press marked a new important milestone that saw the addition of six additional journals to the super collection of AUP on ScienceOpen, adding important multilingual content on our network.

ScienceOpen’s interface will support journal editors and give them extra tools that can help manage and analyze the journal’s readership as well as article-level metrics. The six new journals cover research disciplines that vary from accounting to landscape research, religious studies, history and computing.

On our announcement blog ScienceOpen users can get a glimps at what the new journals have to offer for our network of over 86 million publications.

Explore the blog below and celebrate this new addition by sharing your favorite titles with us.

6 new journals by Amsterdam University Press on ScienceOpen

Highlighted titles:

Science benefiting people from the Journal of Disability Research

During the past weeks, the collection of King Salman Center of Disability Research grew bigger in numbers, with a new issue of the Journal of Disability Research on ScienceOpen. Quality research on disability studies, featured in the journal collection provides examples of biophysical research, complemented by articles exploring the manifestation of disabilitating pain, as well as targeted reviews that delve into fundamental aspects, such as lens alterations associated with gradual impaired vision and cartilage changes affecting mobility.

ScienceOpen users and scholars will now be able to easily interact and disseminate articles published by JDR and researchers are invited to contribute to the focus area and to the journal. The journal considers all original manuscripts that report scientifically sound research and provide a substantial amount of significant new information, welcoming both empirical work and theoretical framing.

If you are interested in submitting your own manuscript to the journal, have a look at the requirements outlined in the collection page on ScienceOpen

Welcoming Educational Challenges Journal

Founded in 1996, Educational Challenges addresses contemporary education’s challenges, trends, and best practices at the preschool, school, university, and postgraduate levels. The journal’s scope includes, but is not limited to, educational policies, teacher education, experimental education, e-learning and digital solutions, specialized education, and foreign language teaching and learning.

Content from the journal provides new quality source for scholars and researchers covering areas of education. The new journal coming from Ukraine, is also included in the Research from Ukraine Collection on ScienceOpen, which is dedicated to the resilience of Ukrainian scholars and demonstrates our solidarity with academia and the people of Ukraine.

Explore the journal collection and the Research from Ukraine collection in the links below:

Educational Challenges Journal

Research from Ukraine collection 

If education is a topic which covers your area of research, don’t miss the Call for Papers for the ‘Learning and Teaching: after War and during Peace’ international Conference which will be organized on November 10 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Participation at the conference is free of charge and below you can find all the relevant information for your participation in the Educational Challenges Journal collection page.

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