Welcoming ROAPE Journal on ScienceOpen

Welcoming ROAPE Journal on ScienceOpen

Established by a group of scholars and activists in the UK and Africa, the Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) journal is committed to understanding projects of radical transformation as well as patterns and processes of accumulation on various levels. All the analysis, original content and content promoting and supporting African voices will now be accessible freely on ScienceOpen, in a new dedicated collection.

Join us in welcoming ROAPE on ScienceOpen as a new journal that adds multidisciplinary viewpoints and quality publications to our wide networks of publishers and collections from and about Africa.

Radical analysis of social processes in Africa

Since 1974, the Review of African Political Economy has provided radical analysis of Africa’s trends, issues, and social processes, with a broadly materialist interpretation of change. ROAPE’s publishing efforts have aided in the establishment of an important platform for the continuation of struggles for racial, gender, and economic equality in Africa.

ScienceOpen will support with its full range of discovery services the promotion of scholarly content and will also facilitate the wide dissemination of ROAPE’s mission, bringing more scholars and researchers in contact with this important network. ScienceOpen users will be able to interact fully with the Journal’s content by bookmarking, recommending and easily sharing their favorite articles, while accelerating progress in various SDGs covered by different issues of the journal.

Authors can add lay summaries, keywords, and images to reach their targeted audience and the metrics provided by ScienceOpen will benefit authors by helping them keep track of shares, reads, and recommendations by users.

We have an interactive interface for readers and authors that encourages participation in the scholarly discourse. Readers with an academic background and at least 5 published articles can write a review, but anyone can recommend an article or share with their social networks with just one click. Although we are called ScienceOpen we have a great deal of research from the humanities and social sciences on the platform and we learn from each new community that joins.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen

On the new collection by ROAPE you can explore articles similar to the titles highlighted below:

Researchers interested in submitting their work to ROAPE, can do so by following the instructions and guidelines on the Journal’s Manuscript Submission page. On the ScienceOpen collection, you can learn more about these guidelines and get some inspiration on your next article!

Follow the ROAPE Journal Collection and don’t forget to get the most out of our discovery services and tools on the journal and article-landing pages. To introduce us as their new publisher, ROAPE recently had an interview with our CEO Stephanie Dawson. We invite you to read the interview in the following link:
Introducing ROAPE’s new publisher ScienceOpen: An interview with Stephanie Dawson – ROAPE

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