Welcoming the Journal of the Netherlands Society of Toxicology

Welcoming the Journal of the Netherlands Society of Toxicology

The Journal of the Netherlands Society of Toxicology is the official journal of the society, which was founded in 1979 and has over 600 members across Netherlands, making it one of the largest toxicological associations in Europe.

The members of the Netherlands Society of Toxicology (NVT) represent different scientific disciplines related to the field of toxicology, and the quality research published by the society members’ will now be integrated into ScienceOpen and added to our network of over 86 million publications.

Important insights on toxicology

The NVT is an open association that aims to collaborate with anyone who works in a field related to toxicology, or is following a study that trains for a position in the field of toxicology. Members of NVT provide expertise in areas of biology, biochemistry, chemistry and biomedical sciences, pharmacy, agronomy, and environmental science, and all the knowledge generated by them, will add to important contributions from experts and scholars in the field and create a new digital channel for communicating all the progress and discoveries from the field of toxicology.

The Journal of the Netherlands Society of Toxicology has currently opened a Call for Submissions and ScienceOpen will be supporting the publication workflow of the journal, as well as provide all the necessary tools for enhanced discovery and promotion of the upcoming publications.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Journal of the Netherlands Society of Toxicology (JNST) on ScienceOpen. JNST aims to provide NVT members with a peer-reviewed medium in which they can share their professional insights with the wider scientific community. 

Barae Jomaa, PhD, ERT – Editor in Chief of JNST

Scholars and researchers interested in submitting their work for the Journal, can directly do so through the collection page on ScienceOpen. All you need to do is register for free on ScienceOpen, check the requirements for submitting your paper, and once you have your publication ready, click on the Submit a Manuscript button.

Once the submitted papers are accepted and have completed the peer review process, they will be available online and the journal entries will be featured in the dedicated collection on ScienceOpen. Our network provides all the necessary tools for facilitating a quick peer review process. Authors can share or recommend their papers easily online, while ScienceOpen takes care of proper attribution and recognition for each publication, providing cutting-edge services that ensure a smooth promotion of your work in the digital landscape.

To get to know more about the Netherlands Society of Toxicology, we invite you to have a look at their most recent newsletter, and follow the collection on ScienceOpen for upcoming exciting publications.

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