AboutScience launching new collection on ScienceOpen

AboutScience launching new collection on ScienceOpen

AboutScience is an open access multidisciplinary publisher based in Italy focused on clinical medicine and healthcare in its broadest term, including digital innovation, health technology assessment, narrative medicine, patient engagement, public involvement, and other topics of growing impact.

AboutScience content will now be featured in a new branded ScienceOpen collection, which will increase the visibility of the publishers’ content while also providing new multidisciplinary quality research in our research network of over 86 million publications.

Exploring AboutScience’s new collection

We welcome this new AboutScience collection and look forward to promoting more cutting-edge open access research as part of our year-long successful collaboration.

AboutScience provides critical knowledge to advance medicine and healthcare by adhering to strict ethical policies that ensure high-quality contributions and equal opportunities for all authors interested in publishing their research. ScienceOpen will provide its innovative digital infrastructure to support AboutScience’s mission of fostering science in clinical and experimental medicine and everything else that matters in healthcare.

The content of AboutScience on ScienceOpen can be easily explored thanks to our multidimensional search engine, and users can access their publications of interest in a matter of seconds by filtering by keyword, date of publication, citation score, Altmetric score, or author name.

Open Access content from five different journals will be aggregated in one single collection, where publication in disciplines like clinical medicine, pharmacy, healthcare technology, clinical therapeutics, nephrology, and circulating blood-based biomarkers and diagnostics will be contextualized in our network of over 25.000 journals and nearly 9 million open access publications. Our services will help in increasing readership for the journals and disseminating all its publications digitally.

Highighted titles from the new collection:

AboutScience works with iThenticate to ensure the originality and transparency of contributions, as well as ReviewerCredits for proper attribution of reviewers. Interested in publishing with AboutScience? Learn more about the Authors Guidelines and Open Access policy on the collection landing page, and consider submitting your work to one of their journals. ScienceOpen will take care of the promotion of your work!

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ScienceOpen is a freely accessible research communication platform with the technological infrastructure to support multi-dimensional search, community curation, and researcher networking.

To learn more about how we can personalize our services to your needs and how our solutions like cam benefit your journal, contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper for a demo and quotation.

3 thoughts on “AboutScience launching new collection on ScienceOpen”

  1. I’m thrilled to hear about AboutScience’s new collection on ScienceOpen. As a science enthusiast, having access to a curated selection of articles and research from AboutScience is a fantastic resource. It’s an excellent initiative for promoting knowledge sharing and staying updated with the latest developments in various scientific fields.

  2. ScienceOpen, your blog on launching a new collection is truly exciting! The platform’s commitment to fostering open science is commendable. This new collection promises to be a valuable resource. Kudos to the ScienceOpen team for advancing the dissemination of knowledge

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