Explore SSP Annual Meeting Proceedings on ScienceOpen

Explore SSP Annual Meeting Proceedings on ScienceOpen

The theme of this year’s Annual Meeting of the Society of Scholarly Publishing was ‘Transformation, Trust, and Transparency‘, and it addressed the problems of the rapidly changing publishing industry in areas such as research dissemination, business models, and the nature of the workplace.

Since last year’s conference, the poster collection on ScienceOpen serves as a unique platform where ideas, solutions and presentations come together in digital form, embedded in a vast network of 87 million scholarly publications and over 780.000 conference proceedings articles.

Recently, all the proceedings of the 2023 Annual Meeting, which took place in Portland in May, were added on the SSP Posters Collection. Attendees and industry experts may now rediscover the outstanding work provided by some of the industry’s best and ideas that engage scholars and publishers all over the world.

The SSP community continues to focus on bringing together academics, funders, librarians, publishers, service providers, technologists, and countless others with a communal interest and stake in disseminating  scholarly information.

28 new posters and proceedings, discovering projects and ideas that support open science and innovations in the industry can now easily be explored through the ScienceOpen collection hosting interface. In the collection page, you can easily narrow your search down by conference name and year, as well as by disciplines, content type and keywords.

Discover some of the new proceedings through the publications highlighted below:

More visibility for your conference thanks to ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen provides a one-of-a-kind research and discovery environment for conference posters and proceedings, offering everyone the opportunity to upload, publish and promote their conference publications on a free and simple interface. 

Your conference can be placed within a broad digital research environment in the form of a branded collection, which attractively promotes your publications, featuring different sessions, banners, types of publications and all other relevant content in the collection landing page.

With  ORCID and Crossref integration, and a full spectrum of usage metrics from citations to Altmetric Score, we offer a state-of-the-art platform for your conference.

Collaborationg with key industry stakeholders

We have a long-standing partnership with SSP, which is bringing diverse stakeholders together to harness their collective knowledge and unique perspectives in the global publishing industry.

ScienceOpen is proud to collaborate with other key industry stakeholders as well, among which the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) and the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA), to which we are a proud member.

ScienceOpen keeps you up-to-date with events, conferences and workshops organized by all our partners. Check out our social media channels, as well as collections dedicated to our partners like the SSP Poster collection or the the ALPSP’s Learned Publishing collection, which features peer reviewed research, reviews, industry updates and opinions on all aspects of scholarly communication and publishing.

Don’t miss out the upcoming conferences and events:

  • OASPA’s Webinar – Shaping the Future of Scholarly Communication: The Role of Preprint Peer Review – This webinar will provide an overview of the preprint peer review landscape and different preprint peer review services. Registration is free so don’t forget to mark your calendars. When?: 27 July.
  • ALPSP Annual Conference and Awards 2023 – This will be the first hybrid ALPSP Conference, reflecting topic submissions from the ALPSP community and covering a range of topics such as Open Science and Open Access (covering angles including, open data, books, small societies, and equitable OA models), as well as sessions on researcher behaviour, diversity in commissioning, an Industry Leaders ‘Question Time’, and more. When?: 13-15 September.
  • OASPA Annual Conference – The OASPA annual conference brings the open access community together to discuss new developments and innovations in scholarly publishing, and unite in our shared goal to enable research around the world to be openly accessible. When?: 19-21 September.
  •  New Directions in Scholarly Publishing Seminar – The 2023 New Directions Seminar will focus on how those working in scholarly communications are managing commercial and cultural disruptions. When?: 4-5 October.

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